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Mario Pagani

Mario Pagani
Expert In: Copywriting, Landing pages, SEO, Training
Languages: Italian, English

About Mario Pagani

I take care of your digital channels to convey the value of your brand and make your potential new clients understand how you can solve their problems with your services.

Specifically, I can manage for you

  • Seo Friendly Blogs and Articles
  • Lead Generation
  • Email marketing
  • Newsletter
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media


I follow you through specific training courses so that you can take control of digital marketing tools and be autonomous in their management.

Among my favorites

Training and Education (for those who love to do it on their own, with the right mindset)

  • LinkedIn Course: I teach you how to use your profile and manage your Social Selling strategy with customized LinkedIn Training sessions
  • Facebook Ads Course: I guide you to the discovery of Business Manager to take control of your budget and advertisements thanks to Facebook Advertising courses

Where possible, I automate processes (thanks also to MailerLite Automation) to allow you more time to optimize the quality of your services or products.


Do you want to know something personal about me?

  • I'm a father with a passion for tropical aquaristics
  • I can't say no to a good stout
  • Too often I fall down with my snowboard (but then I get up)
  • According to the site "16personalities" I have this personality:


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