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About Sandra Horley

Sandra E. Horley is a clinical psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist specialising in helping people deal with anxiety and anxiety-based conditions. Sandra is an advanced level practitioner of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT), BWRT Master Coach and Psychosexual Dysfunction Specialist. Sandra is also a registered therapist for Anxiety UK and also a Certified Therapist at Healing Clouds You can also find out more about Sandra and her practice by vising

Sandra loves blogging on a number of topics in relation to a positive mindset, anxiety and anxiety-related topics, writing books and articles and sharing her knowledge. Writes answers to questions asked of her every day and posts articles on Quora and has had her articles viewed by over 10K readers. Sandra was there at the beginning of Facebook and has seen every change both for the good and bad in the support and encouragement of small business users.

Sandra is well aware of the possibility of being able to do something one day, only to try the same tactics a few days later Facebook have written an algorithm to combat anything users find in the way of loopholes. She is well aware of the low organic reach and in order to reach at least 200 people (without paying for the privilege) you would need at least 5,000 followers. Sandra is not professing to agree to teach people to do anything against advertising rules, but these are the facts that the first-time online business owner needs to know before deciding which platform to concentrate on in order to drive traffic to their websites, in order to gather more leads and indeed get more sales.

Sandra would help people achieve their online goals and ambitions by providing great coaching which comes from a place of fact and not fiction as some of the online gurus profess, they certainly don’t admit to the importance of leverage. Sandra knows that the only way to have a successful online business you have to have a list of people you can engage with your offers.

Over the years Sandra has helped numerous people improve their online engagement, was recognised as an epic tweeter, had an article published for an online magazine (can’t think of the name of it, because it was quite a few years ago) helped someone grow their organic reach on Facebook into double figures. If she remembers it was very low viewing figures to around 40K in a week.

Sandra has written books on a number of different topics (has had one published) and is working on a project to talk about the Secrets of Internet Marketing. She has recently written courses, so understands the importance of engaging an audience with suitable content. Also, been interviewed on Instagram Live on a number of different topics and when Periscope first started out online produced over 200+ videos on a range of topics ranging from the importance of having a positive mental attitude when starting out in business to teaching self-hypnosis techniques.

Sandra is a passionate person who will go the extra mile and over-deliver. As a previous business and IT teacher she understands business and business practises, the importance of building a firm sustainable reputation online and the only way to so is by building a targeted email list of subscribers by providing great content, information and guidance. She likes to think that she has a good eye for what looks professional a stickler for accuracy and this is evident if you take a look at her website and the emails and newsletters produced on the MailerLite platform.

Sandra's words of wisdom:

"I believe that knowledge is power. Everyone should improve themselves and/or business, no matter what stage in life they're in. Whether it's to develop a better mindset or to increase profits. Moving forward is key."

If you would like to learn more from Sandra E. Horley please visit: – this website is a subdomain, which is in its early stages of development, which will feature everything social media engagement and internet marketing.