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About Teagan | She Knows Social

She Knows Social was founded in 2015 when Teagan was stuck in a dead-end job. She was working endlessly as the Marketing Director, to help move the needle for a company, and was successful. She grew their company by 700%. After a few years of working and growing this company, she was called into the CEO's office and demoted for not being a leader. Taking the demotion gracefully, she started She Knows Social in the evenings after working a full shift during the day.

The business quickly grew and was in high demand with those needing help growing their social media accounts, designing webpages, graphic design work, and e-commerce sites. After two short weeks, she was able to quit her full-time job and go full time in her business. A few years later She Knows Social was making multiple six figures and continued to be a success. Teagan decided it was time to teach others how to grow their own businesses too. She Knows Biz was formed to coach entrepreneurs how to build, market, and automate businesses that could reach high levels. Entrepreneurs who work with her in her coaching business gain access to She Knows Social and vice versa.