Book Cave Direct integration with MailerLite

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Developer: Book Cave Direct

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Free email alerts on high-quality ebooks from your favorite retailers.

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How it works

1. Log in to your Book Cave account or sign up for an account.

2. Click Preferences in the Account menu. The menu is located on the top right of the web page for computers, and on the top left for handheld devices. Then click on the Integrations tab.

3. In the box beneath Connect your MailerLite account enter the API key that can be found in our app integration page

4. Then for existing magnet books, select My magnets on the account menu and click the edit pencil icon on your magnet. Scroll down to the end of the pop-up and click the dropdown to choose the MailerLite newsletter to which to send the subscribers collected by that particular book. Repeat for each magnet book. Yes, you can use multiple pen names and send subscribers of different books to different lists, and even create different download links for each book and have each link go to a different list.

5. If you don’t have a magnet book created yet, select My magnets on the account menu, then click the Create magnet button and follow the prompts to upload your magnet book. Then choose the MailerLite newsletter list you wish that book to go to as in step 4 above.

It’s easy! Your Book Cave subscribers will be sent to MailerLite every evening.