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5 ways to grow your email list using the Make integration

5 ways to grow your email list using the Make integration Martin Etchegaray Partner post
· 7 min read · Updates,Email marketing · August 4, 2022
Francisco, Customer Support

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels ever, but there is a huge caveat. You need subscribers! The more subscribers on your email list, the more powerful the results.

Needless to say, growing a quality email list is a super important practice that requires patience and consistency to get right.  The best email marketers rely on a series of tactics involving lead magnets which include things like landing pages displaying contact forms to webinars, courses, and giveaways in exchange for contact information. 

This form of lead generation is effective, but there are a few challenges that often arise, including:

  • The lead magnet loses steam, so you need to constantly find new audiences to attain the desired volume

  • The lead magnet is highly successful and produces many leads, but you don’t have the resources to process all the new contacts in a timely and efficient manner. Thus, email lists can grow slower than expected

In this article, we’ll show you how to address both problems at once by using MailerLite and automation tool, Make (formerly Integromat), to create an automated workflow.

Integrations have become a no-brainer for organizations looking to get the most out of their data and apps in an efficient way. 

This also applies to the task of building email lists. Here’s how integrations can help you when your lead magnets don’t produce enough contacts. 

When marketers face this situation, the natural response is to double down on promotion efforts, adjust the current lead magnets, or deploy new ones to see if there are improvements.

These actions are perfectly valid, but they also overlook a huge asset present in most companies: Siloed data. 

Most of the apps used in business these days produce swaths of valuable contact data that you can tap into before you spend time and money promoting new lead magnets. 

For example, any company using Stripe can start using the customer data to build email marketing lists as long as you are following  GDPR requirements. 

What about the second email-list building challenge:  Lacking resources to process high volumes of contact data?

In this case, the role of integrations is a lot clearer: By connecting your apps with an email marketing tool like MailerLite and an automation tool like Make, you will be able to cut the “person in the middle” and add new contacts to your email lists on the spot. 

This is particularly important if you are working with paid and organic lead magnets, such as Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads, digital forms like Typeform, and custom webforms (which can be automated via webhooks). 

Now that we’ve seen how app integrations can help you address these challenges, let’s take a look at 5 integrations you can create using MailerLite and Make. 

Make (formerly Integromat) is a powerful visual automation platform to design, build, and automate anything — from simple tasks to complex workflows — in minutes and hours instead of days or weeks. 

Moreover, there are many templates available for MailerLite, including 5 that you can use to solve the challenges we just discussed. 

Let’s go over them and see how they can help you grow your email lists organically!

De-siloing existing contact data and adding it to your MailerLite lists

The list of different applications that produce contact data on a regular basis is simply too big to ignore from CRMs to points of sale, e-commerce platforms, customer support, etc.

Using Make, you can connect different apps to MailerLite and automatically funnel new contact data to your MailerLite lists the moment it becomes available! You can find templates available for the most popular e-commerce platforms like:

1. Stripe: Add new Stripe customers to MailerLite

How MailerLite and Stripe integration work

2. Freshsales: Automatically add new contacts from your CRM to your MailerLite lists

Freshsales and MailerLite integration using Make

It goes without saying that you can adjust these templates to fit your needs. For example, if you use HubSpot instead of Freshsales, you can replace the corresponding Freshsales modules in your Make template for the corresponding HubSpot one, and use the resulting automation in the exact same way.

Sending data from your lead magnets to MailerLite automatically

Similarly, you can connect lead magnet apps to MailerLite to automatically grow your lists without waiting for someone to do it. 

Make supports dozens of apps that businesses of all sizes use as lead magnets, including digital forms like Typeform and Google Forms, advertising products like Facebook Lead Ads, or even tools used in webinars like Zoom. 

You’ll find available templates for:

3. Typeform: Create MailerLite subscribers from new form submissions

Typeform and MailerLite integration template

4. Facebook Lead Ads: Automatically add new Facebook leads to MailerLite as subscribers

Facebook Lead Ads and mailerLite integration template using Make

5. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms: Add contact data to MailerLite the moment a lead answers to your campaign 

Make also supports other apps commonly used in lead generation, such as EventBrite, Google Ads Lead Forms, and ManyChat, just to name a few. 

Automation tools like Make help MailerLite customers focus on what matters the most: Using data to improve targeting and creating engaging messages and visuals to attract and convert.  

For those who are entirely new to app integrations, all it takes to automate repetitive tasks can be summed up in three steps:

  • Identify the repetitive processes in your company and the apps involved

  • Set up an account with an automation tool like Make or Zapier

  • Create your own automations from scratch, or use one of the available templates

From here on, only your imagination will be the limit towards leaner processes, better campaigns, and surprising results!

Martin Etchegaray
Martin Etchegaray

Senior Content Writer and Editor at Make. I enjoy writing and reading about history, science, and tech.

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