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Announcing MailerLite App for Shopify

Announcing MailerLite App for Shopify

We’re excited to announce the new official integration between MailerLite and Shopify. Get it here: Official MailerLite App on Shopify App Store. It’s absolutely free!

With the integration you will automatically sync customer information and purchase history data from your Shopify store to MailerLite. Use the data to send targeted email campaigns that bring customers back to your store.

Setup in 2 minutes

It’s super easy to setup the integration. Start by entering your MailerLite account API key.

Shopify MailerLite enter api key

In case you didn’t know, you can find the API key in Integrations section.

how to find API key MailerLite

The next step is to choose subscriber group where you want to save Shopify customers.

Shopify app - choose subscribers - email marketing

Congratulations! Your MailerLite account is now connected with your Shopify store. Customer data will be immediately updated after any change in the Shopify store.

Still have questions how to set it up? Watch a quick video tutorial – Shopify integration with MailerLite.

Pre-built segments

Targeted, personalized and timely emails have much higher open rates and user engagement. This is why, the integration also creates pre-built segments in your MailerLite subscriber group that you choose.

Shopify segments - email marketing - mailerlite

You will find segments like – accepts marketing, first-time customers, customers with 0 purchases, high spending customers, repeat customers and high spending repeat customers. Easily adjust segment settings or create your own.

Popup Subscribe Forms

The new integration can also enable MailerLite Popup Subscribe Forms and help to grow your subscriber list.

Create and manage the popup form in your MailerLite account and it will be displayed in your Shopify store. No need to insert any code or trackers, the integration takes care of everything.

shopify discount popup example - email marketing - MailerLite

With MailerLite you can choose when you want to show the popup to your visitors:

  • Wait X seconds before showing the popup
  • Show when user scrolls to X% of your website
  • Show when user attempts to leave your page (exit intent)

Also you can set some additional settings like “Hide on specific pages” or “Only show on specific pages”

Check this quick video tutorial to learn more: Popup Form Overview.


Once a customer makes a purchase or signs up for a newsletter on your Shopify store, their information is immediately passed through to MailerLite. It means that you can start sending automated email campaigns that are triggered the moment a new subscriber is added or updated to meet some segment criteria.

Automation examples

Here are four examples of automated emails that will keep your customers engaged and generate revenue for your business.

Welcome email with a discount

Welcome emails have 4 times higher open rates than regular email campaigns. Use this opportunity to convert your new subscribers to paying customers. Help them to make a decision by sending a discount code.

Here’s an example welcome email by clothing e-shop BONBOS:

welcome email example - email marketing for Shopify - MailerLite

It’s quick and easy to setup a welcome email with MailerLite Automation:

Welcome automation example - email marketing for Shopify - MailerLite

Special treat for your VIP customers

Reward your best customers with special incentives to build even stronger relationship. By default the Shopify integration creates a segment with customers who spent more than $500 in your e-shop. If you need, you can easily change the amount in segment rules.

As soon as a customer reaches the set spend amount send an email to tell how much you care about him or her.

VIP client list - email example - email marketing for Shopify - MailerLite

Here’s an example how to set it up with MailerLite Automation:

VIP clients - email automation example - email marketing integration for Shopify - MailerLite

Say Thank You to first-time customers

Want to turn your first time customers into repeat buyers? Send them a special Thank You email. Adding an additional discount code or free shipping is also a good idea.

Thank you email example - email marketing - MailerLite

Set it up in MailerLite Automation:

Thank you email template - automation - email marketing integration for Shopify - MailerLite

Ask your repeat customers to refer friends

Repeat customers are the best. Want to have more of them? Just ask them to bring their friends to your store. Don’t forget to offer an incentive.

Refer a friend email example - email marketing MailerLite

Set Refer-a-friend email to go out 1 day after customer joins Repeat Customers segment:

Refer a friend email automation - email marketing MailerLite

These are just a few examples to get you started with the new Shopify integration and MailerLite Automation.

Please share what works for you and what email campaigns bring customers back to your store.

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