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19 digital marketing podcasts to improve your online marketing

You’ve got the knowledge of seasoned marketers at your fingertips—all you need to do is open iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or any other podcast app and hit play.

Digital marketing podcasts are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to understand why. 

On any given afternoon you can plug in and listen to a candid conversation between Michelle and Barack Obama, feel uplifted with Oprah’s SuperSoul conversations or hear one of the 1500+ interviews Joe Rogan has taped. 

Nowadays, there are podcasts about every imaginable subject and interest, and digital marketing is no exception.

Digital marketing podcasts are great for learning new skills and getting inspiration for your own marketing strategy. To help grow and scale your business, we’ve identified 19 digital podcasts that are well worth a listen and explain what you can expect and learn from them.

A digital marketing podcast is often educational with the aim of teaching (aspiring) marketers new skills, sharing past experiences and introducing new tools.

Many digital marketing podcasts talk about:

  • New marketing trends

  • Specific case studies

  • Success stories from businesses

  • Interviews with thought leaders

  • Digital marketing best practices

  • Current marketing events and happenings

  • And of course, a ton of marketing tips

As digital marketing can include anything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to paid advertising and content marketing, there are podcasts that include all aspects and ones that narrow down their focus. 

Digital podcasts also differentiate themselves by using different length formats (daily 10-minute tips versus weekly long-format podcasts) or structuring their content to focus on, let’s say, case studies, actionable tips or personal stories.

Browse through the list and see for each digital podcast recommendation what skills you can improve and how the podcast can help you become a better professional. 

Though there are many, many more business podcasts out there worth exploring, these titles have received raving reviews from listeners. For those that our team enjoys tuning into, we’ve added a little personal note on why we’re cheering for the podcast.

How I Built This podcast logo

1. How I Built This

If you want to get to know the stories behind some of your favorite companies.

Rent the Runway, Wayfair, Shopify, Birchbox, Ben & Jerry’s: All these names will surely ring a bell, but how did their stories start? In this podcast, host Guy Raz talks to the founders of the world’s most known businesses. 

There are long-format episodes that dive deep into the entrepreneur’s mind and 30-minute long editions called “How I built resilience”, where Guy asks founders and other interesting people how to think creatively during disruptive moments. 

Listen: NPR website

Spectacular Failures podcast logo

2. Spectacular Failures

If you want to learn what not to do in your business.

As much as you can learn from startup success stories, you can learn even more from business failures. 

In Spectacular Failures, host Lauren Ober talks about sad, funny and shocking company fails. She unpacks what failure means, what you can learn from the world’s biggest business collapses, and how it impacted the people behind them. 

Listen to recent and old, common and uncommon fails—starring brands like Forever 21, Blue Apron, Kodak and MoviePass.

Listen: Spectacular Failures website

Side Hustle Pro podcast logo

3. Side Hustle Pro

If you want to turn your idea into a profitable side hustle.

There are countless women walking this planet that turned their side hustle idea into a profitable business. Want to know how they did it? 

On her weekly podcast Side Hustle Pro, host Nicaila Matthews Okome gives you a peek into the inspiring journeys of bold, Black female entrepreneurs. Each story is different. You’ll get to know women that own design boutiques, trade stocks, organize homes, invest in tech, style celebrities and much more.

Listen: Side Hustle Pro website

Online Marketing Made Easy podcast logo

4. Online Marketing Made Easy

If you want to learn more about course creation.

Amy's podcast is your go-to destination when you want to learn how to succeed as a marketer creating digital courses and nail your online business. In her podcast episodes, she talks about topics like how to find your niche, launch products, build your email list, create lead magnets and so forth. They're packed with value!

A note from our COO Ilma: “Amy provides a lot of tips and talks to professionals in the online marketing world. Whenever I listen to an episode, I tend to jot down a lot of remarks and ideas in my Evernote.”

Listen: Amy Porterfield’s website

A Bit of Optimism podcast logo

5. A Bit of Optimism

If you need a dose of inspiration and optimism to start your day.

Here at MailerLite, we’re big fans of Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” (we talk about it in this blog about our remote hiring experiment). Naturally, we were excited about his podcast. 

In A Bit of Optimism, Simon talks to friends and all-round interesting folx to spread feel-good hormones and teach listeners new skills—like having difficult conversations with David Harris and how entrepreneurship is not what people think, with Helene and Seth Godin.

Listen: Simon Sinek’s website

Today In Digital Marketing podcast logo

6. Today In Digital Marketing

If you need a quick digital marketing rundown while you sip on your morning coffee.

Every weekday, host Tod Maffin gives you a quick ten-minute-ish rundown on what’s been happening in the digital marketing world. Tune in to learn about the latest news, rollouts, policies, investments, changes and everything else happening in digital-marketer-beloved companies like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and good old Google.

Listen: Today In Digital Marketing website

Marketing School podcast logo

7. Marketing School

If you want to expand your marketing knowledge with daily bite-sized tips.

Marketing vets Neil Patel and Eric Siu team up to share their digital marketing insights on their podcast Marketing School. Their knowledge is out of this world (with nearly 1500 episodes to date). 

The episodes are all bite-sized, making them easy to fit into your Pomodoro breaks. The marketers discuss all things digital marketing: copywriting, SEO, analytics, conversion optimization, paid search, affiliate marketing, email marketing and much more.

Listen: Marketing School website

99% Invisible podcast logo

8. 99% Invisible

If you want to learn how to challenge the status quo.

A note from our COO Ilma: “I’ve been listening to this podcast for years! 99% Invisible shows non-obvious connections between design, architecture and our life. It helps me to see a wider point of view when it comes to the things around us and to develop new neuron connections. This podcast is essential for any business that wants to stay creative, get to know different perspectives and challenge the status quo.”

Listen: 99% Invisible website

Marketing Scoop Podcast logo

9. Marketing Scoop Podcast

If you enjoy listening to case studies to apply these tactics to your own business.

This SEMrush-hosted podcast delivers weekly case-based stories. Host Lauren Morelli asks industry experts from local and global companies about their marketing strategies. 

You’ll learn how Atlassian used YouTube for its marketing funnel, how to use Quora as an additional marketing channel and how Roku leverages segmentation and personalization. 

Their 2019 episodes are labeled according to a topic (advertising, content, SEO, etc.) making it easy to find podcast episodes based on what it is you want to learn.

Listen: Marketing Scoop on Spotify

HBR IdeaCast podcast logo

10. HBR IdeaCast

If you’re looking for weekly new insights in business and marketing.

This podcast by Harvard Business Review is your weekly dose of business and management food-for-thought. 

The Harvard editorial staff—Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch—sits down with thought leaders to hear them out on topics like negotiations in the remote world, how every business can be a subscription service and why business owners should solve problems beyond their companies. In just under 30 minutes a week, you’ll gain new insights for your professional development.

Listen: Harvard Business Review website

The Courtney Sanders Show podcast logo

11. The Courtney Sanders Show

If you want to build the confidence that you’ve got this too.

A note from our Content Writer Megan: “Unlike most digital marketing podcasts, the episode introduction doesn’t start with one of those copyright-free-screaming jingles but with a 90s R&B-sounding tune—which already set Courtney’s show apart for me.

"Success coach and mentor Courtney L. Sanders shares learnings from her own entrepreneurial journey and how she set up different income streams. Since she tells it so transparently and is so down to earth, her stories help me to overcome my own roadblocks and question my beliefs of what’s possible financially.”

Listen: Courtney L. Sanders website

Duct Tape Marketing podcast logo

12. Duct Tape Marketing

If you want to grow your own small business with practical advice.

Host and small business expert John Jantsch has been talking about content marketing for over a decade, chatting to content marketers, authors and marketing experts. Especially business owners that are building their own companies will appreciate the practical advice. 

Episodes vary from content marketing and copywriting tips to building online communities, customer journeys and online business innovation.

Listen: Duct Tape Marketing website

The GaryVee Audio Experience podcast logo

13. The GaryVee Audio Experience

If you need actionable marketing and business tips to implement today.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcasts are a mix of interviews, rants, his daily documentary series DAILYVEE and the #AskGaryVee show. 

If you’re new, the energetic entrepreneur recommends starting with the episode The Airplane Project, which is his blueprint series on how to be successful in today’s modern world. 

You can count on Gary for a daily boost of motivation to keep your business thriving.

Listen: Gary Vaynerchuk website

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast logo

14. The Joe Rogan Experience

If you want to get inspired by other entrepreneurs to get up and do shit.

A note from our Partnership Manager Jessika: “I really enjoy this podcast because you’re exposed to all kinds of new ideas, information and interest points. This show has a ‘get out and do something’ tone and makes me think about topics in an objective way. I really like the variety of his guests—from professional MMA fighters to comedians and astrophysicists.”

Listen: Joe Rogan website

The Influencer Podcast logo

15. The Influencer Podcast

If you want to keep up to date with the latest in influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing: It’s an ever-changing world that’s hard to keep up with, both when you’re looking to become an influencer or want to understand how this market works. An easy way to get educated and stay up to date is by tuning into Julie Solomon’s podcast. 

Julie informs you about current trends and teaches you how to expand your platform, how to land deals and everything in between. There are solo episodes and interviews with influencers, who happily share their strategy for influencer success.

Listen: Julie Solomon’s website

Soft Skills Engineering podcast logo

16. Soft Skills Engineering

If you want to learn how to be a better teammate.

A note from our Developer Giannis: “This podcast is described as "an advice podcast for software developers" but it’s great for everyone—not just developers. The hosts talk about communication, team relationships, career management, etc. 

"However, they don't follow your typical self-development slash motivational format. Quite the opposite! The hosts are answering awkward questions from the listeners, with a great sense of humor. I have found myself laughing along so many times (for which people on the streets gave me strange looks).”

Listen: Soft Skills website

The Goal Digger Podcast logo

17. The Goal Digger Podcast

If you need hands-on tips to grow your business.

Whether you’re thinking of ditching your 9 to 5 and becoming an entrepreneur or have your own business and need help with your marketing: Jenna Kutcher caters to everyone on The Goal Digger Podcast. 

In the more than 380 podcast episodes, Jenna talks about business concepts, email, blogging, podcasting, social media marketing and other digital marketing trends and strategies. Episodes vary from 10 minutes to an hour.

Listen: The Goal Digger Podcast website

Developer Tea podcast logo

18. Developer Tea

If you want to become a better human in the workplace.

A note from our Developer Nenad: “This podcast teaches you how to be a better Developer (and person), but not in terms of coding. It rather focuses on much broader aspects of the role: communication, observation, mindfulness, productivity, etc. The episodes are packed with advice on self-improvement through introspection and changing behavior. Plus, you can fit them into your coffee (or tea) break as each episode is only 10-15 minutes long.”

Listen: or Simplecast

Social Media Examiner podcast logo

19. Social Media Examiner

If you want to up your social media marketing skills.

For years, this podcast by host Michael Stelzner has been a popular staple for many marketers. During the 45-minute weekly episodes, Michael teaches listeners new social media skills, strategies and tactics. He also interviews industry experts and shows you social success stories to implement in your own business.

Listen: Social Media Examiner website

These are some of the best podcasts to help you enhance your marketing skills and take your business to the next level. 

If you listen to any great digital marketing podcasts that we didn’t mention or want to shamelessly plug your own podcast, by all means: drop a comment and share your recommendations!

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