Ignas2 min read New Features & Updates August 12, 2015

File Manager: upload, save and reuse your images

File Manager: upload, save and reuse your images

For a while now, we’ve been getting requests from you guys about the need of having a File Manager in MailerLite. One place to store all images that you use in campaigns. We’ve listened and here it is – presenting our new awesome File Manager!

File Manager will save you time

Instead of wasting time re-uploading an image every time you want to use it, you can simply take it from File Manager with just a few clicks. Moreover, you won’t need to search for images that you used before in your computer, you’ll have everything in the File Manager.

Easy team collaboration

If you’re building your emails together with other members of your team, File Manager will be even more useful. If your colleague uploads an image, you’ll be also able to use it.

How to access the File Manager

File Manager is accessible from our drag-and-drop editor, rich text editor, custom html editor and the new email templates that we introduced a few weeks ago.

Just click to add new image and instead of the old simple upload you will get the File Manager. You can select an image used before or upload a new one.

file manager access MailerLite

Tile view or list view

You can easily change Fila Manager’s layout from a tile view to a list view and back. Choose what’s most convenient for you.

file manager image view MailerLite

Keep files organized

As your image gallery grows, you’ll need tools to keep it organized. Easily create folders and sort files by upload date, name or size.

file manager helps organising MailerLite

We hope you’ll like the new File Manager and it will make your life easier. Give it a try and let us know what you think.