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File Manager revamped to include Google Drive, Giphy and Iconfinder

· 7 min read · Updates · Sep 1, 2018

Let’s get right to the point. Our file manager is a helpful tool to organize and sort your images, but we wanted to make it better.

At MailerLite, we’re constantly trying to improve the user experience by listening to customer feedback and staying ahead of the latest trends and technologies.

To that end, we revamped our file manager to make building your newsletters, landing pages and forms more dynamic and productive. The new upgrade will allow you to access, search and import :

  1. Files directly from your Google Drive

  2. GIFs directly from Giphy

  3. High-quality icons directly from Iconfinder

In this blog, we’ll share how to use the new File Manager so you can save more time while seamlessly accessing a whole new world of images and GIFs. 

How the file manager makes your life easier

If you’ve built a few newsletters, landing pages or forms, you know how quickly your image files start to add up. 

A large amount of files soon becomes a challenge to efficiently organize and find the right files. MailerLite’s file manager was built to solve this problem.

The file manager helps you organize all your images and other files into folders within MailerLite. You no longer have to keep a separate folder on your desktop and waste time toggling back and forth between your computer and your email tool.

file manager image view MailerLite

You simply drag and drop your images into the file manager, organize them into folders and sort them for easy access. Our file manager was built to help you:

  • Save tons of time. You don’t have to waste time re-uploading an image every time you need it for a new email.

  • Find files fast. The sorting and search features enable you to find the right image in a few clicks.

  • Collaborate with your team. If your colleague uploads an image, you’ll be able to quickly access and use it.

While these file-management benefits keep you sane and save you time, we wanted to add another level of functionality that would allow you to easily find and access new images directly from the file manager. 

How instant access to Google Drive, Giphy and Iconfinder improves engagement.

The right images can make a huge difference with engagement and conversion, but most of us don’t have the time to go on an image hunt across the Internet.

This is precisely why we added the new integration feature to our file manager. You can now access, search and upload files from Google Drive, Giphy and Iconfinder without ever leaving MailerLite.

These additional services offer a new world of image options that are now accessible with a few clicks. You’ll be able to find better photographs, memes and GIFs that will add more value to your newsletters, landing pages and forms.

Here's how each integration will help elevate engagement.

Google Drive integration  

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that also connects your Google apps such as Docs and Photos, allowing you to share files and collaborate across your company.

With our Google Drive integration, you can access your files from any computer. You can also collaborate with colleagues by creating folders and sharing files for specific email campaigns.

Let’s say your copywriter writes the email text in a Google doc while your designer creates the newsletter images. Instead of running around tracking down each piece, all of your newsletter items can live in one place on Google Drive. 

file manager google drive view MailerLite

When it’s time to create the newsletter, you simply go to MailerLite and upload all of the Google files within your file manager.

Giphy integration

People love GIFs. GIFs can tell a story without words or keep readers engaged with simple animations. 

Over the past few years, using GIFs in email marketing has proven to increase engagement and clicks. Have you used GIFs in your newsletters?

Our revamped file manager now integrates directly with Giphy, one of the most popular databases and search engines for finding GIFs. With Giphy, you simply type in a keyword to find all the related GIFs across the Internet.

file manager giphy view MailerLite

By integrating Giphy with MailerLite’s file manager, you can do a quick search to see if there is a relevant GIF while building your newsletter. 

You probably don’t want to use a GIF in every newsletter, but when you find one that fits perfectly, you’ll be happy with the results.

Iconfinder integration

Iconfinder is an online platform offering a vast collection of high-quality icons in various styles and formats. Icons can make email content more engaging, simplify complex topics, and help with the overall layout and design.

By using icons, newsletters can communicate ideas quickly, maintain reader interest, and enhance the aesthetic appeal, making messages more effective and memorable.

file manager Iconfinder view MailerLite

How the new file manager works and where to find it in the app

You can find your File Manager in the dashboard sidebar. Once you are working in the File Manager, you can access the integrations by clicking on the Upload Image button and choosing the integration.

file manager works and where to find it MailerLite

Once you access one of the tools, such as Giphy, you simply click the image you wish to import. That's all there is to it.

Keeping it simple

One of our core values is to keep things simple. We spent a lot of time thinking about how to improve our file manager in a way that is easy to use without losing the functionality.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. We are happy with this new version, but we are already thinking about how to improve it.

Your feedback is always the catalyst to making MailerLite better.

Jonas Fischer
Jonas Fischer
I'm Jonas, Content Manager at MailerLite. I’m not the 4th Jonas Brother, but I do write content (which is similar to being a teen heartthrob). After writing for a bunch of companies over the years, I discovered my professional passion—helping add some humanity to B2B marketing. Email is the perfect place to start!