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How the MailerLite and HubSpot integration powers smarter, more efficient marketing

How the MailerLite and HubSpot integration powers smarter, more efficient marketing Katherine Boyarsky Partner post
· 8 min read · Updates · Aug 1, 2022

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing channels because it’s incredibly effective and leaves a ton of room for creativity.

Every email is an opportunity to showcase your brand voice, your products, and your company’s look and feel. But there’s a catch!

People get way too many marketing emails these days, so it’s essential to stand out from the crowds. By using marketing automation tools that take care of the tedious parts of email marketing, you can focus your energy on populating emails with creative and relevant content that people want to see.

To that end, we’re excited to introduce the MailerLite and Hubspot integration!

The MailerLite integration with HubSpot empowered by Data Sync can increase the success of a marketing team or agency’s efforts through automated data syncing and improved email recipient segmentation and targeting, giving you back time to focus on connecting with customers. Plus, it’s easy to integrate the two tools — no coding required. 

New to MailerLite or Hubspot?

MailerLite is a user-friendly, easy-to-learn email marketing tool that’s ideal for small businesses and companies looking to scale up their email marketing. It has a free tier that includes email automation, and it can help you reach new customers and keep existing ones engaged. 

HubSpot is a powerful CRM system that enables your sales team, your marketing team, and your customer care team to keep track of their efforts and connect the dots between them. It has capabilities for virtually every type of marketing and helps all teams support your community from the moment they hear about your business through their time using your products. 

Marta Soto, a longtime customer of both MailerLite and HubSpot, shared how this integration has been a game changer for her consulting business:

“I have used the free and paid versions for several years and it has been a great asset to building my brand and business. It is extremely easy to use and I have been able to set up my clients and train them to use MailerLite with ease.”

When email automation is set up using the right data, it can be a major factor in improving sales and marketing performance.

Here’s how marketing teams and agencies are sending better-targeted emails and streamlining email automation with HubSpot and MailerLite.

1. Automatically sync contact data, including historical data to dive into customer and prospect analytics

The HubSpot and MailerLite integration allows marketers to sync contact lists between the two platforms so they can start sending out newsletters to their contacts. Whenever someone subscribes to a newsletter in MailerLite, it automatically creates a new contact in HubSpot or adds this action to their existing contact profile. This makes it extremely easy to reconcile emailing lists and create newsletters to send to specific audiences — no messy spreadsheets required. 

Depending on your setup, you can also adjust the settings to make your data sync only go in one direction, and you can choose which data you’d like to include.

Crucially, the integration also syncs historical data, so you’ll have access to the contact history of everyone in HubSpot available to inform their subscriptions in MailerLite. This means clear, contextual data for every contact on either platform.

Example: A marketing team for a rapidly growing ice cream company is looking to get into email marketing to share their offerings, promotions, and updates with their community. They have HubSpot CRM to keep track of their contacts generated by opting in via online ordering, birthday party requests, and other catering opportunities. So they onboard MailerLite’s free software, connect it with HubSpot, and all the contacts collected over the course of years are synced in MailerLite and ready to email. (Working with an audience in the EU? HubSpot has made updates to make it easier to be GDPR compliant — read the guide to GDPR.) 

syncing mailerlite and hubspot data

2. Plan better campaigns with improved segmentation and targeting

Combining the power of HubSpot with MailerLite’s easy-to-use email platform allows marketing teams to craft and send highly-targeted newsletters and automated client emails that drive conversions and brand loyalty. 

HubSpot helps MailerLite users segment their audiences by relevant factors in their customer profile. HubSpot collects some of these attributes automatically, like the company size based on the company website provided. For other data points, users will enter in their information on forms or quizzes which you can create using MailerLite. Then, you can segment more specific audiences — are they a customer, a lead, or a prospect? Which product lines are they using or interested in? How large is their business? What’s their age range or gender? Where are they located? 

That way, it’s easy to create targeted emails: you can generate lists for any kind of email, whether it’s a geographically-limited promotion or an upgrade to a specific product. And emails that have subject matter tailored to the recipients are bound to perform better than a generic email sent to the entire contact list. 

Example: A marketing team at a media editing software company is looking to promote a new add-on they’ve created for their photo editing software. Instead of blasting every prospect and customer in their contact list, they can use HubSpot to segment their audience and create a list of only customers who are using their photo editing product. They can sync that list over to MailerLite, where they can build a beautiful and engaging email with the CTA they know will speak to this specific segment of customers.

3. Increase the reach of email marketing efforts without coding

Some integrations require developers to do some coding work in order to ensure the systems merge together smoothly. But HubSpot x MailerLite is a code-free integration that can be set up by anyone at an organization — no technical background required. 

First, make sure you have super admin permissions or access to the App Marketplace in your HubSpot account. Here are the next steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace and choose MailerLite 

  2. Click 'Install'

  3. Log in to your MailerLite account when prompted to

  4. Review the access permissions that pop up

  5. Click 'Allow'

how to connect mailerlite and hubspot

Then, it’ll be time to configure your sync settings and rules according to the needs and preferences of your company, as well as setting up your custom field mapping as needed.

For thorough instructions on how to connect MailerLite to HubSpot, as well as detailed instructions about the various configurations and settings you can choose, check out the HubSpot integration guide.

Send targeted emails that engage your audiences with HubSpot and MailerLite

Combine the powerful insights and contact details of HubSpot with the easy-to-use email interface of MailerLite, and bring your email marketing program to the next level.

Katherine Boyarsky
Katherine Boyarsky

Katherine is the cofounder and CMO of CXD Studio, a creative content marketing agency. She is also a registered nurse and resides in the Boston area.