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MailerSend: Transactional email service that keeps it Lite

· 10 min read · Updates · Aug 4, 2022
Nikola, CTO

As you do more business online, your customer communications will evolve to include transactional emails and SMS. We’ve got you covered!

Transactional emails and SMS are those messages you receive after you’ve interacted with a company online. Think about the emails you get confirming a purchase, account signup, or subscription cancellation, or the text messages you get to inform you that your delivery is on the way.

These messages are incredibly important to your customer experience, and they require a different type of software tool that is completely automated and works seamlessly with your business apps.

But if you’ve ever worked on transactional emails, you already know that the process of creating and sending emails is antiquated and inefficient. Every little change requires coding and maintenance work from devs. 

This inspired us to figure out a way to make transactional messaging easier to create and manage. You can say we wanted to make transactional email more... Lite

The result: MailerSend! A more intuitive transactional messaging software that shares the same product philosophy as MailerLite. MailerSend makes it easy to create professional emails and SMS with the same award-winning deliverability and customer support so you never have to worry. And starting today, you can access MailerSend within your MailerLite account by using single sign-on (SSO).

Here’s the scoop on MailerSend!

A transactional email is an email sent to a recipient that has recently interacted with an organization online and took an action such as new account creation or password request reset that triggered the email.

While MailerLite allows you to create email automation triggers, they are designed for email marketing where people have opted in to receive marketing messages. 

MailerSend’s transactional emails are sent to any recipients who have interacted with your business or app. They do not have to be subscribers to your email marketing program. These transactional emails are not promotional in nature, but they deliver important information based on the recipient’s actions.

MailerSend helps you create and send all transactional email varieties, including:

  • Password resets

  • Welcome emails

  • New account creation

  • Billing notices

  • Subscription cancellation

For businesses, these emails are the glue that holds their digital ecosystem together. They communicate the mundane yet critical information that people need when they make a transaction.

Transactional emails are extremely important, but most of the tasks in managing them are repetitive. The current tools require technical capabilities to address things that non-tech team members could handle if they had the know-how.

That’s what makes MailerSend different—it’s fast, reliable and built for your entire team.

Mailersend dashboard page
MailerSend's intuitive dashboard is made so your entire team can understand it.

It’s true that with MailerLite you can send automated messages such as welcome emails, which are a type of transactional email. However, MailerLite is not designed to send the majority of notification emails like automatic billing and account notifications. 

The main reason you want to keep your marketing email campaigns separate from transactional emails is permission. To send marketing emails, you must have your subscribers’ consent and follow GDPR (if you or your users are located in Europe). On the other hand, transactional emails are not permission-based—you are allowed to send when the recipient takes an action—so managing these on one platform can be tricky. 

Another important reason to keep them separate is deliverability. Typically, transactional emails have higher open and click rates than marketing emails. They are also more likely to land in the inbox rather than Promotions. Sending both from the same server can make it hard for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to distinguish between them, and the lower engagement rates of marketing emails can impact the domain reputation and overall deliverability, or your important transactional messages. 

MailerSend is the perfect solution if you like the usability of MailerLite, but need a system that is optimized for the timely delivery of transactional emails. 

MailerSend: Transactional email service that keeps it Lite
With MailerSend's drag & drop editor, everyone can create transactional emails.

You can now access MailerSend with just a few clicks from within the MailerLite app. If you’re new to MailerSend, don't worry—you can create a new account too!

From the MailerLite dashboard, click the new Dashboard icon in the top right of the page. From here, you’ll be directed to the SSO accounts dashboard.

Single sign-on button on the MailerLite dashboard

Click on the MailerSend box. 

Single-sign-on dashboard

If you don’t already have a MailerSend account, you’ll be asked to enter your MailerLite password. A new MailerSend account will be created with these credentials. 

MailerSend: Transactional email service that keeps it Lite

If you already have an existing MailerSend account, you’ll be prompted to enter your MailerSend password. Once entered, your MailerLite and MailerSend accounts will be connected. 

MailerSend: Transactional email service that keeps it Lite

Once connected, you’ll be directed to MailerSend. Have a look around and explore the features! Be sure to check out MailerSend’s Knowledge Base article to get started with setting up your account and verifying your domain.

If you’d like to go back to MailerLite, you can simply click on the same Dashboard icon in the top left of the screen. 

From the single sign-on accounts dashboard page, you can now access MailerLite, MailerSend and our other partner product, MailerCheck. 

MailerSend was built with the technical bells and whistles that developers need, but it was also designed with intuitive tools so the entire team can contribute.

Once your devs team sets up the sending API, anyone can create and send an email or SMS through MailerSend. You can design your own email templates using the drag & drop editor, and the emails themselves are automatically configured to be sent via the API.  

The way people communicate with brands and businesses continues to evolve. MailerSend has combined transactional emailing and SMS so that you can reach more customers and enhance the customer experience. Transactional SMS notifications are delivered instantly to provide appointment reminders, delivery notifications, service alerts, password resets, emergency alerts and many more.

You’ll love MailerSend’s features and tools because they are all built with the same principles as MailerLite, namely, always keeping the customer (aka you) at the forefront.

1. Flexible infrastructure

Send out a few emails and SMS or quickly scale to as many as you need. MailerSend can handle any load. The entire delivery process is automatically managed, so your messages get the best chance of landing in the designated inbox.

2. Share responsibilities

Once devs set up the technical requirements, the rest of the team can access and utilize the tools for creating and sending emails. Use predefined or custom roles for each user so everyone has access to the specific tools and domains they need. Your team works faster and smarter to improve your email operation.

3. Dedicated to deliverability

The email deliverability experts at MailerSend continuously adopt new policies to ensure your emails and SMS reach recipients. They know what ISPs, like Gmail, need to accept your emails and work with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to enable you to safely and effectively send SMS. Your sending domain is protected through SPF, DKIM and DMARC security protocols. Safe and trustworthy!

4. Inbound routing enables 2-way communication

With inbound routing, incoming emails are received by MailerSend, parsed and integrated into your app. Users can interact with your app to post comments, replies and emails for a more efficient experience.

5. Real-time analytics

The entire team can view and track sending activity to gain insights and optimize. Important KPIs like open rates, click-through rates (CTRs), unsubscribe rates and spam complaints are all available. With the advanced search tool, you can find emails, SMS and recipients quickly.

MailerSend analytics example

6. You’re always supported

MailerSend offers the same amazing 24/7 support that MailerLite customers love. Real people are available around the clock to assist you whenever you have a question or problem.

MailerSend took all the features you’d expect in a transactional email and SMS service—including sending scalability, simple usability for teams, and inbound routing—and reimagined the user experience to make the entire process a smarter, more efficient team sport. 

Now, you can easily access all your Mailer accounts—MailerLite, MailerSend, and MailerCheck—from a single dashboard with single sign-on. 

Give MailerSend and the new SSO feature a try today! Head over to the accounts dashboard and sign up for a free MailerSend account. 

MailerSend sign-up is free

Give it a try! The free plan includes access to the most important features along with 3,000 free emails per month (then only pay for what you send). Sign up in seconds.

Sign up free
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