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What’s next: Responding to the recent downtime

Gediminas Andrijaitis Gediminas Andrijaitis
· 3 min read · Updates · Apr 24, 2020

As some of you experienced firsthand, our app was down for part of the day on April 22nd. Our network service provider was under a DDoS (denial-of-service) attack, which caused connectivity issues for our app.

First and foremost, ALL of our customers’ data is completely safe and data centers were not affected. The attack was directed at our network service provider and at that point it was out of our scope to fix the issue. 

We know how much you rely on MailerLite to conduct important business, and we’re very sorry that this issue impacted your business. To prevent future incidents, we want to share our action plan with you.

We also want to thank you for your patience and understanding. The positive and supportive feedback we received was amazing.

Here’s what we’ve been working on

While all technology tools are susceptible to setbacks from time-to-time, it’s our responsibility to mitigate these events so your business runs smoothly.

Your trust is paramount to us. We want to do more than fix the situation but instead avoid these scenarios completely by innovating our app. 

MailerLite is always evolving. Almost every day we add improvements that make the application better. Our philosophy has always stayed the same: keep making the best tools that are reliable and easy to use for our customers.

A year ago, we created a separate team to rebuild MailerLite. The project is called the MailerLite Rewrite, and the mission is to build an application that is more scalable and bulletproof. 

The team is rebuilding the existing codebase from the ground up. And, as we build a better infrastructure plan, we are implementing it to our current state as well. This means we will see improvements even before the new rewrite is completed.

As of now, we are working on these updates and will continue working diligently to launch as soon as possible.

Moving forward

The completion of the MailerLite rewrite is around the corner, but that doesn’t mean we will forget the lessons we’ve learned this week.

We appreciate all of your feedback, which helps us get better at every aspect of our service to you. It’s clear to us that our community of customers is strong, and we will continue to listen to your comments and suggestions. 

Our team is very aware of the impact this event has had on many of your businesses. We feel the pain, and promise to work as hard as possible to be the most reliable, trustworthy tool for growing your business.

Thank you for being our customer.

Gediminas Andrijaitis
Gediminas Andrijaitis
I’m Gediminas, CPO at MailerLite (not to be confused with C3PO from Star Wars). I work across all departments to ensure MailerLite is always working and helping you create the best email experience possible. The only thing I love more than building products is riding motorcycles—really, really fast.