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MailerLite subdomains: What you need to know

💡 MailerLite subdomains are available on the new MailerLite.

At MailerLite, we understand the importance of delivering your emails successfully to recipients' inboxes. Email providers like Google and Yahoo have introduced stricter sender requirements to combat spam and phishing emails. To ensure your emails meet these new standards and reach your subscribers, we've introduced MailerLite subdomains for users who don’t have their own domain yet. 

MailerLite subdomains allow you to continue sending emails to Google and Yahoo inboxes without purchasing a custom domain. When you go to send a campaign from a free domain, like, we’ll automatically add a MailerLite subdomain to your sender address. This alteration helps your emails pass authentication checks, making them more likely to land in your recipients' inboxes.

Here's how it works: If you send an email from your Yahoo account, say, we'll transform it into something like on our end.

This tweak ensures that your emails have a better chance of landing in Google and Yahoo inboxes by correctly validating SPF and DKIM records.

Keep in mind that while MailerLite subdomains can help with your email delivery, they may not resolve all delivery issues. We strongly recommend purchasing and authenticating a custom domain for your business. 

If you already have a paid or custom domain, we won't make any changes to your "From" address when you send emails through MailerLite. This feature is only available to users who do not have their own domain.

Note: If you have more than 50,000 subscribers, the automatic subdomain assignment feature is not available. Large accounts must instead purchase and authenticate a custom domain to ensure maximum email deliverability and protect your sending reputation.

Last time edited: Feb 2, 2024