Bloom Intelligence integration with MailerLite

Bloom Intelligence

Pricing ranges between $35 – $145 per month, per location. More details can be found here.

Integration Support

Bloom Intelligence

Bloom Intelligence uses WiFi access points at brick-and-mortar locations to monitor foot traffic and behavior data of visiting customers – whether they log in to WiFi or not. 

When customers log in, detailed customer profiles are created, building a large, ever-growing customer contact list. The list can be sorted and filtered by behavior and demographic data for segmented, personalized automated marketing campaigns. ROI is tracked on every campaign down to a customer coming back through your door and/or redeeming an offer.

bloom intelligence customer profile
How it works
  1. From the Bloom navigation bar, click “Integrations”.
  2. In the MailerLite panel, click “Connect”.
  3. Enter your API key (it can be found here) and click “Connect”.