Bounceless integration with MailerLite

Developer: Bounceless

Price: Prices go by verification amount. It starts from 19$ for 2500 verifictions and can go up to $3,399 for 5M verifications. Learn more by clicking here

Integration support: Get in contact with Bounceless

Bounceless efficiently helps companies get rid of hard bounces, verify email lists and give you an outstanding ROI on your email marketing campaigns. You can easily import your lists from MailerLite and get rid of all your bad emails once and for all.

How it works

1. Connect to your account.

2. Click on Add integration on the dashboard. When this is done, just click on the first MailerLite logo to select the integration.

3. Enter your API key which you can find from our in app integration page and click Save.

4. Click Import list next to the list you want to import and verify.

That's it! Now Bounceless is connected with MailerLite.