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Bounceless prices depend on the number of email verifications, ranging from $19-$1,899.

You can access their pricing information here.

Integration support

Get in contact with Bounceless through their live chat.

Bounceless is an email validation tool that analyzes your email list for invalid or fake email addresses to boost your deliverability. Prevent reaching a high number of hard bounces and protect your sender reputation by validating your email list.

Integrating MailerLite with Bounceless allows the rapid import of the original list and export of the validated list into your MailerLite account.

  1. On Bounceless, click Add integration on your dashboard and then select the MailerLite logo.

  2. Enter your API key, which you can find on your Developer API page, and click Save.

  3. Click on Import list for the list you wish to validate.

  4. After the list has been validated, make sure to export it back to your MailerLite account.

That’s it! Now you can import and export lists between MailerLite and Bounceless and have a clean email list.