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Firewards offers a 14-day free trial and premium plans start at $9/month.

You can access their pricing information here.

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Firewards is a tool that lets you launch a simple yet effective referral system for your subscribers. It allows you to incentivize them to refer others by offering the chance to win gifts. You can track each referral and send out rewards or benefits to your existing subscribers for referring new subscribers.

By integrating MailerLite with Firewards, you can sync new and existing subscribers’ data between both applications. Custom fields that represent the number of referral, level status, unique referral link, and more are also created to be used in email campaigns.

  1. On FireWards, go through the Configure Your Referral Campaign steps. 

  2. Select MailerLite.

  3. Enter your API key, which you can find on your Developer API page, and click Next.

  4. Select the group you’d like to use for your referral campaign.

  5. You will then create your first reward, which can be a physical or digital item.

  6. Complete the steps to get started with the referral program.

That’s it! Now your new and existing subscribers' data about their referrals will be automatically synced to your MailerLite email list.

You can also insert the following code into the code block in your email campaign:

You have a total of {$fw_refs} referrals.
Invite {$fw_delta} friend(s) to reach {$fwnxtlvl} status. Check your reward status and invite your friends here: {$fw_reflink}