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Gumroad Try it out

Gumroad has a free version with a 5% + charge fee (3.5% + 30¢) per transaction, and a premium version starting at $10/month with a 3.5% + 30¢ per charge only.

You can find out more about their pricing here.

Integration support

Get in contact with the third-party integration platform in use.

Additional details

You can find your MailerLite API key here.

Gumroad is an online selling platform where creators can sell their content directly to consumers. It hosts all downloadable files on the site, processes and secures payments, and delivers files to buyers. 

When you integrate MailerLite with Gumroad, your customers are automatically synced based on their activities, such as purchases.


You can use any of the following third-party integration platforms to connect MailerLite with Gumroad:

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