Hanna CRM integration with MailerLite

Hanna CRM

30-day free trial
Monthly plans
Optimal: €17/user
Maximum: €20/user
Annual plans
Optimal: €15/user
Maximum: €18/user

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Hanna CRM is a tool that combines company's efficiency with pleasure of work. System enables to manage customer database, task planning, sales, projects and reports all in one place. Work is faster and more fun when instead of five different programs you can use one - Hanna CRM!

This integration with MailerLite helps to keep your Hanna CRM data in sync and extend your sales or marketing process.

You can easy automate you workflow by assigning Hanna CRM contacts, leads and contact persons to MailerLite subscribers and groups.
Set filters to clients or leads at Hanna CRM to choose which data you want to be synchronized.

You can setup MailerLite webhooks to keep your data synchronized with Hanna CRM both ways.

  • Subscriber management automation
  • Groups management automation
  • Unsubscribe management automation
  • Importing all clients

How it works
  1. Log in to HannaCRM account and navigate to Settings.
  2. Enter your MailerLite API key and webhooks links
  3. Save your settings and your integration is ready to go!
  4. That's it! Now your Hanna CRM subscribers will be synced automatically with MailerLite.