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HelloCustomer by Moogento

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From $47/m to connect MailerLite for marketing campaigns.

Integration support

For integration support, contact the Moogento team:

HelloCustomer elevates Magento by creating data-driven insights and sending them to MailerLite for use in campaigns. That level of detail helps boost revenue and streamlines marketing strategies. HelloCustomer focuses on capturing missed opportunities and fostering customer trust through intelligent, automated campaigns with a direct connection to MailerLite.

Key Features
  • Data-Driven Targeted Marketing: HelloCustomer analyzes customer behavior and purchase history to deliver personalized marketing messages, ensuring that each communication is relevant and timely.

  • Recovery of Lost Sales: Utilize automated campaigns to reconnect with customers who have abandoned their carts. HelloCustomer sends strategically timed reminders and incentives, encouraging customers to complete their purchases. This can be done direct in HelloCustomer, or via MailerLite. (Note: MailerLite doesn't permit custom html in campaigns so, specifically for Abandoned Cart emails - where you want to include the cart recovery url, items in the cart etc - you can send these direct from HelloCustomer using its direct API connection to MailerSend).

  • Trust via Reliable Emails: Powered by a MailerSend's & MailerLite's API, HelloCustomer ensures that both your transactional and your marketing emails reach your customers' inboxes. This reliability builds trust and credibility for your brand.

  • Seamless Integration: HelloCustomer seamlessly connects Magento & MailerLite, allowing you to create detailed & targeted marketing strategies.

  • Multiply your Magento marketing efforts with HelloCustomer, and turn browsing into buying with smart, automated marketing tailored to your audience.