Hyperise integration with MailerLite


Starts with $29/month.

Full pricing can be found here.

Integration Support

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Hyperise is the Hyper Personalization Toolkit for Marketers. Add personalization layers to your existing sales and marketing images. Include personalised images in your MailerLite email campaigns. Personalize your website landing page's text, images, and CTAs for each visitor from your campaigns. Trigger campaign updates in MailerLite, via Zapier, when prospects view personalised pages on your website. Significantly grow your conversions through hyper-personalization, implementing with your existing website, hyperise and MailerLite, without coding.

How it works

1. When editing an image on your Hyperise account click on Integrations > Add > MailerLite.

2.Once MailerLite has been added as an integration, click to select it, then copy the Image code. The image link copied will include all the required MailerLite tags to personalise your email

3. On your MailerLite account, within the drag and drop editor either add a Text Block or a Code Block and paste in the copied image link code from step one into the Image URL input box.

Please find a more in-depth Hyperise support article here.