Kickbox integration with MailerLite

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Developer: Kickbox

Price: Pricing starts from $5 per 500 verifications. More details can be found here.

Integration Support: Get in contact with KickBox

With the Kickbox integration, you can seamlessly access, import, and verify lists in your MailerLite account. After verifying, customize your export to easily manage and maintain healthy lists. MailerLite customers receive 100 free verification credits when signing up, and a 10% discount on all Kickbox verification services.

    kickbox example

    How it works

    1. Sign up for a free Kickbox account using the MailerLite special offer page.

    2. Within the Kickbox interface, go to the Verify page, and click Add List. From here, click Connect to ESP on the left, and select MailerLite.

    3. Log in to your MailerLite account, copy the API key, and paste that key into this modal. Hit “Add Integrations” and you’re done!

    That's it! Now you're connected.