LeadsBridge integration with MailerLite


Pricing starts from $39/mo on a Marketer plan. Other plans are Hero plan that is $69/mo, Guru plan that is $149/mo and Enterprise plan which is custom. Detailed pricing information can be found here on their website.

Integration Support

Here you can find the necessary information about how to reach out to LeadsBridge Support team by creating a ticket through their platform. Alternatively, contacting them through here for support can work as well. Their Support team does their best to get back to users within one business day to the email address provided.

LeadsBridge is an advertising automation platform for lead generation, audience sync and offline conversions sync. It increases lead generation conversion rate, puts the autopilot on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google remarketing campaigns, implements advanced automation flows for online-to-offline measurement tools and optimizes and measures the return on ad spend of online advertising campaigns. 

LeadsBridge connects MailerLite with Facebook Ads (Lead Ads, Custom Audiences, Offline Conversions), Google Ads (Customer Match), LinkedIn Ads (Lead Gen Forms, Matched Audiences) and Disruptive Forms as well as over 400 CRMs, Email and SMS software, Call Centres and other various miscellaneous tools.

Their custom integration capabilities ensure that any tool and/or adjustment required by the advertiser can be made available.

Within the platform you can find:

  • Bridges;

LeadsBridge forms bridges in one-way or two-way syncs and the number of bridges user can form depends on the plan user is on:

  • Marketer – 6 bridges.
  • Hero – 15 bridges
  • Guru – 40 bridges.
  • Enterprise – Custom.

In Hero and Guru plans custom integration capabilities become available. Moreover, in Guru plan user can form bridges with Enterprise integrations.

  • Disruptive Forms;

User can create, customize and integrate disruptive forms with over 400 CRMs, Email and SMS software as well as other various miscellaneous tools.

  • Facebook Suite;

User can connect all of their Facebook Ad accounts to form bridges with Lead Ads, to remarket with Custom Audiences and to track offline with Offline Conversions. Offline Conversions sync is available only in the Guru plan.

  • Google Suite;

User can connect all of their Google Ad accounts to remarket with Customer Match.

  • LinkedIn Suite;

User can connect all of their LinkedIn Ad accounts to form bridges with Lead Gen Forms and to remarket with Matched Audiences.

LeadsBridge completely eliminates manual tasks, creates uninterrupted workflows, reduces sales friction and sales costs and bridges the gap between offline and online.