MailerCheck integration with MailerLite


Pricing depends on email verifications completed, more details can be found here.

With MailerCheck you take control of your email list. This reliable and fuss-free tool quickly cleans and analyzes your uploaded subscriber list. After reviewing the email verification report, you can download your newly cleaned list and enjoy improved email statistics immediately.


How it works

1. Sign up for a MailerCheck account and log in.

2. In your MailerCheck account navigate to My Lists, then Verify new list and choose MailerLite.

3. In your MailerLite account, navigate to your account settings at the top of the page and click on Integrations.

4. Find the Developer API integration and select Use.

5. Go to the API key section, get your personalized API key and copy it.

6. Head back to your MailerCheck account.

7. Paste your API key in the API key text field under Authenticate MailerLite.

8. Click on Authenticate.

9. Once you're finished, select the list to verify from the dropdown menu.

10. Done! Now you can verify the selected list.