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MailerCheck offers different pricing models per credit purchased, as well as monthly subscriptions starting at $20/month.

You can find out more about their pricing here.

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MailerCheck is an email verification tool that optimizes your subscriber email list by analyzing and cleaning it for invalid or risky email addresses, generates verification usage reports, and examines email content before you send it. 

In a matter of minutes, you can connect your MailerLite account with MailerCheck to upload your original subscriber list and download your updated subscriber list, which would be added as a new group.

  1. On MailerCheck, navigate to My Lists.

  2. Click Verify new list and choose MailerLite.

  3. On MailerLite, navigate to the Developer API page.

  4. Copy your API key, paste it on MailerCheck in the API key text field under Authenticate MailerLite, and click Authenticate.

  5. Once you're finished, select the list to verify from the dropdown menu.

Now your MailerLite and MailerCheck accounts are seamlessly integrated.

You can also use the following third-party integration platform to connect MailerLite with MailerCheck: