Paperform integration with MailerLite

Developer: Paperform

Price: 14 day trial available (no credit card required), pricing starts from $12.50 per month, more details can be found here

Integration support: Get in contact with Paperform

With the integration you will automatically sync customer information who sign up via Paperform forms to your MailerLite account. Use the integration to build your email list and send targeted email campaigns.

How it works

1. In the form editor, go to After Submissions > Integrations & Webhooks.

2. Under Direct Integrations, click MailerLite, and choose from the list of possible actions (Add Subscriber).

3. Click the Add Account + button to connect your MailerLite account. This will open a form asking for you to enter in your API Key. The API Key for MailerLite can be found in your account here.

4. Follow the prompts to complete setting up the action. The prompts will ask you for the following:

  • Email: Choose the desired email question from the form to the right of the input. This will insert a tag the represents the answer to that question.
  • Name and company (optional).