Quick Email Verification integration with MailerLite

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Developer: Quick Email Verification

Price: Prices go by verification amount. It starts from 4$ for 500 verifictions and can go up to $3,500 for 5M verifications. Learn more by clicking here

Integration support: Get in contact with Quick Email Verification

Validating email addresses benefits the email marketing campaign by improving the deliverability and open rates. It protects your sender reputation. The higher your reputation, the higher your deliverability. This online system verifies email addresses against number of different validation starting from RFC syntax checking to the deep level SMTP testing of user inbox existence checking.

Quick Email Verification example

How it works

1. Sign in into your Quick Email Verficiation account. You'll see an Upload Email List button. Click on the button and you'll be taken to the next screen.

2. Since you'll be cleaning your mailing list you hold with MailerLite (your ESP), click on the tab Import From ESP. Select MailerLite from the list.

3. Enter your API key which you can find from our in app integration page and click Save.

4. Select which subscriber group you wish to verify and import.

That#s it! Now Quick Email Verification is connected with MailerLite. For a more in-depth guide how to download reimport subscribers, click here.