SendOwl integration with MailerLite

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Developer: SendOwl

Price: It costs from $9 up to $39 a month to use SendOwl. Click here to find out more

Integration Support: Get in contact with SendOwl

After setting up this integration, purchasers of your products will have their email address automatically added to your mailing list. Use the mailing list to send targeted email campaigns that bring customers back to your store.

How it works

1. Create or log in to your SendOwl account and go to the Marketing section.

2. Choose Mailing list in upper navigation, and select MailerLite from the list.

3. Enter your MailerLite API key, choose the group and click Update.

That's it, you're connected! Now all purchasers of your products will be automatically added to your selected subscribers group in your MailerLite account.