SparkLoop integration with MailerLite

  • $39/month for Basic plan (200 referrals/month)
  • $79/month for Pro plan (1,000 referrals/month)
  • $199/month for Premium plan (2,500 referrals/month)
Integration Support and

SparkLoop is the easiest way to add a powerful referral program to your MailerLite newsletter. With just a few minutes set up, you can use it to incentivize and reward your existing audience for referring new subscribers. Exactly like how Morning Brew and The Hustle grew to millions of subscribers. 

How it works
  1. Sign up for a SparkLoop account and log in.
  2. In the ESP section, select MailerLite and enter your API key. You can grab it from our app's integration page.

Congratulations! Your SparkLoop and MailerLite accounts are now connected and you can add a referral campaign straight into your emails in just a few minutes. Say hello to faster audience growth on autopilot!