SquareSpace integration with MailerLite

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Integration Support


Every Squarespace website template has newsletter signup block. This integration will allow you to automatically save new subscribers from default Squarespace newsletter signup block to your MailerLite account.

How it works

1. Enable the integration by turning ON the switch in the application's Squarespace integration page.

2. Choose which subscriber group you want to sync with your Squarespace website.

3. Insert MailerLite JavaScript to your Squarespace website HEADER. Go to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection and add the code.

4. Add Newsletter block to your website.

5. In Newsletter block settings you have to choose where you want to save subscribers. There are only 2 options: Google Drive or MailChimp. Choose Google Drive, and press save (you'll need a Google account for that).

That's it! The Newsletter form works on your Squarespace and saves new subscribers to your MailerLite account. Moreover, if you create popup subscribe forms on MailerLite, they will also be shown in your Squarespace website.