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Integrating Tidio with MailerLite enables you to seamlessly add subscribers to your MailerLite email marketing list.

How to integrate Tidio with MailerLite

Open your Tidio admin panel and navigate to the Integration section located in the left sidebar, right above Settings. Then, click on the MailerLite tile.

To create a new connection, select New Authenitcation

You'll need to authenticate the connection with the API Token Key from the MailerLite platform. In order to get it:

  1. Log in to your MailerLite account

  2. Select Integrations from main menu

  3. Click Use from next to MailerLite API

  4. Click Generate new token

  5. Name your Token and press Create token

  6. Now copy your Private Key and paste it when creating a new connection

Next paste your API Token into API Key field, and select Environment to which new subscribers will be added. Click Save and your authentication with MailerLite is done.

Next you need to select group to which you want add new subscribers from Tidio. When you do that, click Finish.

You are all set. Your integration with MailerLite is ready. Now you can add new subscribers from Tidio to MailerLite.

How to add new subscribers from Tidio to MailerLite

New subscribers are added to MailerLite from Tidio in a few scenarios:

  • Pre-Chat Survey

    When you have the Pre-Chat Survey enabled and a user provides their email address and communication consent, this email will be automatically added to your MailerLite list.

  • Manual status update

    You can change a user’s subscriber status manually. When you change it to 'Subscribed,' we will pass the user's email to MailerLite.

  • Flow

    You can add subscribers to MailerLite using a flow and the ‘Subscribe for Mailing’ node. When you collect an email address using such a flow, we pass it automatically to your MailerLite list.

💡 Remember! Adding users to MailerLite does not support double opt-in and confirmation emails. Whenever subscriber status is set to ‘Subscribed,’ we will add this contact to your Audience. Remember to collect consent from your users.