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Zoho CRM offers different premium plans starting at $14/user/month. You can learn more about their pricing here.

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Zoho is a cloud-based CRM that streamlines your marketing and sales processes, customer support, email communications, human resources, IT and help desk, and more.

When you connect your MailerLite account to your Zoho account, you can create automated workflows for subscriber and campaign management between both platforms.

  1. On your Zoho Flow dashboard, click Create flow and give it a name.

  2. Next, select the type of trigger that best fits your needs.

  3. Set up the trigger and look for MailerLite in the Apps search field.

  4. Enter your MailerLite API key, which you can find on your Developer API page.

  5. Continue setting up the workflow until you are satisfied with it.

That’s it! Now your MailerLite and Zoho accounts are connected with each other.

You can also use any of the following third-party integration platforms to connect MailerLite with Zoho CRM: