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Terms for Using Feedback

These terms (hereinafter - Terms) govern the use of reviews, testimonials, and/or user-generated content, such as a video, a blog post, or any other social media post, provided by MailerLite customers to MailerLite for its marketing purposes (hereinafter - Feedback).


1.1. As part of MailerLite’s ongoing commitment to transparency and quality, MailerLite actively seeks Feedback from its customers to showcase their experiences with MailerLite services. These Terms comprehensively outline the ways Feedback is collected as well as various channels where this Feedback may be used for marketing purposes, ensuring that customers are fully informed and empowered when consenting to their usage.


2.1. Feedback is collected through various channels and methods, which may include, but are not limited to, sending Feedback requests during the conversations with the clients, directly contacting customers because of their social media posts, through case studies, using Feedback submitted to MailerLite’s customer support team or through various campaigns where Feedback is collected. 


3.1. The Feedback provided by the customers may be used and promoted across a variety of MailerLite’s marketing and promotional channels to enhance the visibility and credibility of MailerLite services. These channels include, but are not limited to:

  • MailerLite’s official website;

  • advertisements: incorporating the Feedback into search engine ads, social media ads, display ads, and other paid placements to showcase positive user experiences;

  • social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, X, Linkedin or Quora;

  • conferences and sales presentations;

  • review websites;

  • forums;

  • press releases;

  • influencer collaborations; and/or

  • podcasts, webinars and YouTube videos.


4.1. MailerLite may display customers’ first names, or, if the customer is the company, representatives’ first names, job titles, role functions, and companies’ names, as well as pictures and logos, when featuring their Feedback to enhance authenticity and credibility.

4.2. MailerLite understands that some customers may prefer to remain anonymous. Therefore, customers have the option to choose anonymity when submitting their Feedback, ensuring their first names and/or their representatives’ first names and company names will not be displayed. Customers shall state this preference when submitting their Feedback to MailerLite. 


5.1. By providing Feedback, customers confirm the authenticity and accuracy of their Feedback.

5.2. MailerLite maintains a zero-tolerance policy for any Feedback intended to deceive or manipulate customers, meaning that any such Feedback will be removed.

5.3. MailerLite wishes to publish every Feedback it receives, whether positive or negative, except such Feedback that includes or refers to (among other things):

  • politically sensitive comments;

  • promotional content or purposes;

  • illegal activities;

  • personal or sensitive information (e.g. emails, phone numbers or credit card info);

  • swear words, sexual references, hate speech, discriminatory remarks, threats, or references to violence;

  • spam and fake content;

  • impersonation (e.g. if the writer is claiming to be someone else); and/or

  • any violation of these Terms or MailerLite’s Terms of Use.


6.1. Customers may revoke their consent to use their Feedback at any time by emailing MailerLite at

6.2. Upon receipt of a revocation request, MailerLite will cease using the customer’s Feedback in future marketing materials within a reasonable timeframe. MailerLite will make every effort to remove the customer’s Feedback from existing marketing materials, including digital and print media, to ensure that no past Feedback is used without consent.

6.3. While MailerLite does not specify a timeframe for how long the Feedback may be used, customers retain the right to revoke their consent at any time, ensuring control over the usage of their Feedback.


7.1. MailerLite reserves the right to edit or modify the Feedback for formatting purposes while ensuring that the original meaning and intent are preserved.

7.2. These Terms are subject to change at MailerLite’s sole discretion. If MailerLite decides to change these Terms, all changes will be posted on this page. All changes are effective immediately upon posting and we suggest that you check these Terms periodically. 

By submitting Feedback, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to these Terms and grant MailerLite permission to use your Feedback, as outlined in these Terms.