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Retarget subscribers workflow


Send your subscribers a new offer based on their interests. Once they interact with an email campaign, you can retarget them and deliver different types of highly-relevant content.

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Retarget subscribers workflow


This template uses the Custom field trigger. Custom fields can be updated automatically through API endpoints, making this workflow perfect for retargeting subscribers based on their interactions with your website and ads.

How do I use this template?

  1. Go to the Automation page and click New automation

  2. Select the Retarget subscribers template

  3. Select a custom field (e.g New collection) for your Updated field* trigger containing value No.

  4. Select the Email step, input a subject line, and click Design email. When you’re done designing the email, click Done editing

  5. Below you’ll see a Condition step. On the Yes path, add an Action step. Select Update custom field** and choose With value Yes (you can leave the No path blank)

  6. Select the following Email steps to add a subject line and design the emails.

  7. Save the step and turn ON your workflow

Note: You can edit the workflow and use the trigger When a subscriber joins a group if you create a group for inactive subscribers. You can then use the Action step to remove subscribers from that group.

This is just one great example of how you can use this template. You can edit this template as much as you want to make it work for you. The sky is the limit!