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How to use MailerLite as a growth hacking tool to boost conversions

How to use MailerLite as a growth hacking tool to boost conversions Mark Spera Partner post
· 9 min read · Websites and forms · Oct 15, 2020

I love growth hacking. There are so many ways to get leads in the door and increase conversion rates. You just need to know where to look.

It’s like a game to me—you can make a single small tweak to your ad copy, for example, and see results instantly. You can do this with every piece of the customer journey, ultimately allowing you to make sure you are creating the best possible experience for your customers. 

MailerLite is a tool that makes it easy to make these tweaks throughout the marketing funnel. They offer tons of the classic growth tools that you’ll love to use! Things like pop-ups, surveys, conversion-based landing pages, and welcome emails can all be used as growth hacking tools. 

Here are some simple, creative ways to accelerate your growth using MailerLite.

1. Pop-ups: use content and lead capture 

If you’re working on an SEO strategy and you have some organic traffic on your blog, you should be finding ways to convert that traffic into sales for your product. What good are blog readers if you can’t capture their email addresses and nurture them into customers? Pop-ups are an awesome way to do just that!

In my experience, the best pop-ups are scroll stopping, engaging, and contain messaging tailored to your readers’ intent. 

You can use MailerLite pop-ups to make custom messaging that audiences will swoon over, and start capturing leads! MailerLite’s pop-ups are awesome because they are super customizable to your business’ needs. You can tailor the messaging on different pages, mix it up with different types of pop-ups (think top-nav bar versus the middle of the screen), and you can even adjust the timing of when pop-ups appear on your site. 

Personally, I’ve had huge success using pop-ups to convert blog traffic. My company, Growth Marketing Pro captures 8% of visitors to targeted blog content on my site!

Growth Marketing pro pop up example

I’ve found that websites and blogs with 100+ organic visitors per day are able to generate a meaningful number of leads and convert some portion into paying customers. If you need help getting your organic traffic off the ground, get an SEO software tool ASAP and start using winning Google search keywords! 

2. Surveys to learn and react

Crowdsourcing feedback is one of the best ways to build products and businesses. Listen to your customers and determine what they’ll pay for. This is the most valuable data you can gather for your business because it will allow you to adjust your product to meet the customers’ needs. Once you meet their needs with your product, they will likely convert. 

If you’re a clothing e-commerce business, ask your email list what they’d like you to make next. If your customers say they want more tank tops, give the people what they want! They will certainly thank you by making a purchase of said tank top. 

If you’re a SaaS business, you’d better align your product roadmap with the desires of your customers. Do so by asking them how the product experience was for them initially, and make tweaks according to their feedback! Customers will be thrilled to hear you are listening to them and will adjust their buying behavior accordingly.

How to use MailerLite as a growth hacking tool to boost conversions

Surveys are also a great way to get conversions. Have you heard of the Ben Franklin effect? People are more likely to do you a favor after they’ve already done you one. So when your customers decide to help you out and take that survey, they are actually more likely to purchase your product afterward. Pretty sweet, huh?

I love to survey users and then surprise them at the end with an exclusive discount code or other offers. Users who just completed your survey are more likely to purchase from you. Like I said, the Ben Franklin effect—it really works!

3. Landing pages for conversion 

Your homepage isn’t always the best converting page on your site. Landing pages are incredibly powerful for increasing your conversion rate, especially when running paid ads. 

Landing pages are awesome because they are super customizable. Even if you already host your website on Squarespace or Wix, it often makes sense to have stand-alone landing pages that you can optimize for conversions. MailerLite can integrate with both of those website tools, making it easier than ever to get the marketing landing pages you need.

If you think of your homepage as the all-encompassing company that you want your customers to see, think of a landing page as the super specific message made to compel customers to take action. This is because you are able to optimize landing pages for conversion by tailoring the language to the user’s intent.

countdown timer landing page growth hacking - MailerLite

You can also customize landing pages to include the same wording as your ads to make sure your messaging is aligned across platforms. 

For example, say you launch a Facebook ad for a “secret sale!” of 50% off your custom bed linen products. Your home page might not be the best place to send the folks that click on your ad, because it may not have this “secret” sale featured on it. Instead, send those customers to a landing page that directly speaks to that sale, and allows them to spend their money on it!

In the same way, you can also utilize the same keywords as the Google Ads user you have targeted, ensuring that your messaging remains consistent and effective throughout the users’ experience of your sales funnel. If the user is searching for “the best email marketing tool,” you’ll need to make sure your landing page has headlines and content that matches this search sentiment. This is a surefire way to enhance your conversion rate.

4. Insanely good welcome emails

Welcome emails are the most important email you’ll ever send a subscriber. They are giving your customer a (hopefully!) personalized, specific introduction to your product. And if all goes well, you may just wind up with a conversion on your hands!

growth marketing pro welcome email example

To make sure all welcome emails I have a hand in are high-performing, I’ve created a 3-step rule of the road:

  1. Give readers something that has an incredibly high value. In your first email, you need to give people a reason to open subsequent communications. If you have a good tip or tactic, share it. If you have a hero product that will solve a major problem, pitch it. And if you are offering a one-time discount on your incredibly valuable product, make sure to include that detail, too. Ultimately, the goal should be to get users to open and engage (that means click on!) your email.

  2. Tell them how to use your product. Do not assume that users that entered their email on your site know how your product works (or even what your product is). People don’t always read the fine print, so you need to make it easy for them to understand what they are going to get from you. This can be a simple infographic or a bolded “how-to” text block. Whatever it is, just make sure your readers know exactly how to engage with your brand or product correctly. 

  3. Visually, your first email needs to be stunning. I like to use images with human faces —particularly, with humans looking directly at the camera. Use founders, customers, or members of your team to humanize your company to your customers. I’d also recommend running your email’s design structure by a creative professional, just to make sure you haven’t made any egregious design decisions. 

To get some concrete examples of welcome emails that I think are awesome, check out these 15 best welcome email examples!

It’s your turn to boost conversions

Boosting conversion rates can feel like a daunting task. Hopefully, this article provided you with a good launching point. Growth hacking is not out of your reach! Just make sure you are creating ample opportunity for your web visitors to convert by implementing pop-ups. 

Get to know your customers through surveys, so that you can be sure you are creating the best product possible. Create landing pages so that your users have continuity throughout their experience with your company—from the original ad to your website. 

And of course, make sure that your customers feel welcome and excited to engage with your emails! This starts with a great welcome email, but ultimately you’ll need to keep them hooked with great email marketing through their customer journey. 

Ultimately, MailerLite has all of the equipment necessary for you to increase your conversions and skyrocket your growth.

Mark Spera
Mark Spera

Mark Spera started Growth Marketing Pro after working at Silicon Valley technology companies. He's grown it into a 6-figure business passive income business by providing actionable tips to entrepreneurs and growth marketers. In 2020, Mark and his partner Hailey started GrowthBar, the easiest SEO tool on earth.