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Improved integration with Zapier

Improved integration with Zapier

MailerLite’s integration with Zapier lets you sync subscriber data from other apps to MailerLite. It is one of the most popular integrations from our list and now we’ve made it even better.

Here is what we had added to our Zapier integration:

  • “New Subscriber” trigger
  • “Unsubscribe User” action
  • “Create subscriber” was changed to “Create/update subscriber” action

More ways to use Zapier

Segment your mailing list automatically

Your subscribers can come from many different places. Lead capture forms, event registrations, past purchases are just a few of them. You might be checking different apps to make sure your mailing list is complete and up to date. Plus, with so many different entry points to your list, confidence in an up-to-date subscriber base can feel shaky at best. If you’re constantly doing the export/import dance, rest assured there’s an easier way.

One way to save time and stay organized is to use Zapier, a web app that automatically moves your company’s information from one app to another. Think of it as a bridge between the apps that run your business. With just a few clicks, you can build Zaps (automations) that streamline many tasks—like adding the contacts from your Wufoo forms, Eventbrite attendees, or Google Contacts to your MailerLite lists.

Curious how this might work in real life? Take a cue from safety management software company Donesafe, which uses MailerLite and Zapier to automatically grow and segment their email list.

User case: DoneSafe

You’ve done the work to land a new lead. Great! Now you need to nurture that customer along and deliver messages with the tools and education they need to convert.

This can lead to a labor-intensive process of double checking which customers want which service and subscribing them to the correct list. For the Donesafe team, this process wasn’t just repetitive, it also slowed down communications between employees and customers, which led to delays and missed orders. As unhappy customers piled up, they knew they needed a way to streamline this step, eliminate errors, and regain confidence in their list.

Their solution? A simple automation. Donesafe set up a Zap (aka an automation) between ProsperWorks and MailerLite. Now, whenever a team member changes a customer’s status on ProsperWorks, Zapier automatically adds that customer to the relevant mailing list in MailerLite. For example, when a team member marks a lead as “lost” in ProsperWorks, that lead is added to a lead nurturing program in MailerLite that works on winning them back. Or, when they mark a customer as “won,” their information is automatically added to a relevant mailing list for the billing department. This keeps every employee’s mailing list current and constantly updated, ensuring that they send each customer the exact information they need—no more, no less.

Delays are eliminated and since creating that Zap, Donesafe hasn’t missed a single order. Better yet, by automating this repetitive task, the team saves 3 hours every week. That might sound small, but over the course of a year, that’s enough time for a week’s vacation! Plus, day-to-day, it frees up time and resources toward activities that boost the business.

“I’ve used Zapier and MailerLite to automate all administrative tasks I’ve been given so I can get back to creating value in the business,” says marketing manager Christopher Notley-Smith. “This also allows the business to put more resources into research and development and sales rather than administration.”

How to Set Up the Zapier Integration?

To use this automation yourself, you’ll need to connect your MailerLite account with Zapier. You’ll get a pop-up prompting you to sign in to your MailerLite account. This lets Zapier link your MailerLite account to the other apps you choose.

Now you’ll see your MailerLite account connected to Zapier—and you can easily send subscriber information from your apps to your MailerLite lists.

Get started with one of the pre-built templates for our most popular automations, or build your own workflows from scratch by signing up for Zapier.

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