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Big Zapier integration update! Unlock new triggers, actions and more

Gediminas Andrijaitis Gediminas Andrijaitis
· 7 min read · Updates · Jun 26, 2024
MailerLite team, João, Ramūnas and Javier

We’re happy to announce one of our most requested integration updates! We’ve powered up the MailerLite Zapier integration with a ton of new tools and features to help you save time, simplify processes, and be a more productive marketer.

The highlights are the new triggers and actions that unlock more automation possibilities than ever before. We’ve also made general app improvements to improve how you build multi-app workflows. 

Read on for a summary of all the key improvements. Plus get plenty of inspiration for how to use these updates in your work. 👇

Zapier is no-code software that lets you connect all the tools you use and automate tasks across each one. These automations are called Zaps, and they’re sparked by a trigger that occurs in one of the connected apps. 

MailerLite originally offered 10 triggers, and we’ve just added 2 more. You can now use a subscriber’s email interaction to start automations with the Subscriber opened campaign and Subscriber clicked campaign link triggers.

Subscribers clicked campaign link trigger in Zapier

Use these triggers to create customer journeys that change depending on how people interact with your emails. Then take the most effective action at the perfect time every time.  

  • Add the email addresses of people who click on a promotional email to a lead list so your sales team can contact them

  • Retarget ads at those who open your emails by adding them to a list on a platform like Google Ads or LinkedIn ads

  • Create a spreadsheet with people who are interested in a particular topic, event or product by adding people who click on an email link to a spreadsheet

These are just 3 ideas to spark your imagination. The beauty of automation software like Zapier is that you can create custom workflows for most use cases and with almost any of the tools you use.

Once an automation has been triggered, it causes an action in another app. Our update brings 3 sparkly new actions, including the much-requested Subscriber search.

This opens the door to a ton more workflow options by letting you perform actions related to a specific subscriber.

Keep subscriber contact details up to date by reflecting changes to a customer or lead’s email address that occur in another platform in MailerLite. 

For example, if you run an online course and someone updates their email address in the course platform, you can reflect this change in MailerLite. 

Keeping contact information up to date ensures your subscribers keep receiving and engaging with your messages. You’ll also stop your list from filling up with contacts who are no longer relevant.

Speed up the campaign creation process by using an action that occurs in another platform to create a draft campaign in MailerLite. 

There are plenty of occasions when you might benefit from this. For example, when you:

  • Add a row to your Google Sheets email content calendar

  • Publish a post on your WordPress website

  • Add a Google Doc with email content to a particular Google Drive folder

When creating the campaign, you can specify who to send the email to, the subject line and other key campaign details.

Creating draft campaign with Zapier

It’s then just a case of jumping into MailerLite, double-checking the email content and settings look as expected, and hitting send or scheduling the email.

Subscriber search allows you to use dynamic data from the Zap’s previous step to search for subscribers. You can then perform actions relating to the subscriber in the following step.

This is a big help with subscriber management. For example, if you’re running an event with a third-party tool, you can set up a Zap to find the attendees in MailerLite and add them to a MailerLite group. 

Or you could also use the search feature to discover if a new customer in another platform already exists as a subscriber in MailerLite. If the app can’t find a subscriber that matches the name, ask the Zap to create a new subscriber for you.

Using the MailerLite Zapier integration is now easier than ever thanks to some big improvements we’ve made to our existing features. 

  • The Create or Update subscriber action now always sets a subscribed date, ensuring that you always have a record of when a subscriber joins your list

  • The Add subscriber to group action now adds all custom fields from the MailerLite application, this ensures that all the information you have about a subscriber in their MailerLite profile is transferred with the Zap

  • The Subscriber groups field is no longer a required field, meaning when you use a Zap to create a new subscriber, you no longer need to add them to a group

Plus, we’ve added more context to all our error messages to simplify troubleshooting and ensure that creating Zaps with MailerLite is a stress-free experience.  

MailerLite is all about simplifying complex tools, removing obstacles and simplifying processes so you can work smarter, not harder. These new Zapier updates take this further by helping you simplify workflows across all the apps you use.  

Get started by signing up for Zapier and then adding MailerLite as a connected app. Then follow the on-screen instructions to connect your account. Find out more about how to connect MailerLite to other apps with Zapier in our help article.

We’re also keen to hear about how you use Zapier and MailerLite together. Let us know in the comments below!

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Gediminas Andrijaitis
Gediminas Andrijaitis
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