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Say Hola! to MailerLite Spanish

Indrė Sizovaitė Indrė Sizovaitė
· 4 min read · Updates · Jul 10, 2023
Cesar and Josue, customer support

Advanced email marketing tools that are very easy to use. That’s how we Keep it Lite. And it’s why we’re so excited to announce that MailerLite just got a whole lot easier for Spanish speakers.

The Spanish-language version of MailerLite launches today, allowing Spanish speakers to easily navigate the entire app and get the most out of every feature.

Email marketing is booming worldwide and our goal is to provide a localized user experience that empowers all small businesses, solopreneurs, and creators to build impactful email campaigns in their preferred language.

MailerLite Spanish is more than just a translation of the English app. It will include everything people have come to expect from MailerLite including 24/7 customer support and educational content in Spanish. 

Let’s take a closer look at what MailerLite’s localization includes and what it means for all MailerLiters.

MailerLite’s expansion into Spanish-speaking markets will enable people to work in their preferred languages while partnering with each other across geographies.

Today, businesses big and small are finding new opportunities on a global scale. A creator working from Mexico City can team up with an agency in the UK, or a small business in Buenos Aires might sell exclusively to the US market. By localizing MailerLite, we aim to remove the barriers keeping you from reaching a global audience.

According to MailerLite’s Chief Product Officer, Gediminas: 

We are committed to providing all users with the best possible experience, regardless of their location or language preference. The launch of our Spanish version is the first significant step towards our goal to make our platform accessible to more users worldwide.

MailerLite’s localization efforts will encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, and awareness between different cultures. For example, the Spanish version will help improve communication and understanding between English-speaking and Spanish-speaking users. This type of workflow can facilitate better teamwork while avoiding any miscommunications or misunderstandings due to language differences.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages globally, with a large number of Spanish-speaking populations in lots of different countries. Not to mention, the Hispanic and Latino populations are rapidly growing, particularly in the United States.

MailerLite Spanish launches today on the new version of MailerLite with a completely localized interface and website, so users can do everything that the English-version offers, including building email campaigns, advanced automations, and websites.. to name a few.

MailerLite Spanish dashboard
Our dashboard, now in Spanish

It’s easy to switch to Spanish by selecting My profile in the top-right menu, and then choosing the Spanish option from the drop-down menu.

Language settings in MailerLite
Language settings in MailerLite

And because MailerLite is a remote-first company, we already have a globally diverse team with many Spanish-speaking colleagues. This means that we can immediately offer the same award-winning customer support in Spanish.

In addition to offering Spanish customer support and knowledge base articles, we are in the process of localizing all educational content including blogs, guides, video tutorials and the documentation you need to run successful campaigns. These resources will be rolled out over the next few months.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the new Spanish-language MailerLite today!

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Indrė Sizovaitė
Indrė Sizovaitė
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