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MailerLite Subscribe App for iPad

MailerLite Subscribe App for iPad

We launched an app for iPad. It’s called MailerLite Subscribe App and it turns your iPad into a beautiful subscribe form.

It’s totally free and available now on the App Store.

This app is a perfect way to collect new subscribers at your store, trade show, event or any other place where people might like to join your subscriber list. Just put your iPad in a visible place and invite people to subscribe.

Customize how it looks

You can customize the subscribe form on iPad to match your own look and feel. You can change the background, fonts, colors, add your own headline, text and thank you message. We’ve included 10 great looking templates to help you get started. But you can build and save your own templates.

After designing your subscribe form, you can secure it by setting a passcode. This means that anyone can subscribe, but they can’t change any form settings. When you need to make some changes, just enter the passcode and you’ll be able to edit the subscribe form.

Works offline

You don’t need Internet connection to collect subscribers using MailerLite Subscribe App on your iPad. The subscribers will be saved into the app memory and as soon as you connect to the web it will automatically sync all your new subscribers directly to your MailerLite account.

How to start using the app?

1. Download MailerLite Subscribe App from the App Store on your iPad.

2. Once you open it, login using your MailerLite user.

3. Choose MailerLite account that you want to use.

4. Next, choose subscriber group where you want to save new subscribers.

5. Now you’re ready to design your subscribe form.

6. Once you’ve designed your form, click “Finish”, enter passcode (to prevent others for adjusting settings) and start collecting subscribers.

Tips and tricks

Add an incentive

We found out that people tend to subscribe much more when there’s an incentive included. For example, recently a few of our customers were testing the iPad subscribe app in a trade show. One of them received much more signups than the rest. It was a sports club and they were offering a free workout to everyone who signs up. Think what you can give for an email of a potential customer.

Send a Welcome email

Don’t forget to setup a Welcome email and say thank you for the subscription. Welcome emails are very effective and you can even expect an open rate of more than 50%. Moreover, you can tell more about your company, products or invite the new subscriber to follow you on social networks.

To create a Welcome email or even a series of emails, go to Autoresponders in your MailerLite account.

Have questions or need help?

Please contact us if you need any help with the new iPad app or setting up Welcome emails. Moreover, please share your feedback about our new iPad app.

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