iPhone email marketing app

Keep your campaigns running smoothly from anywhere. Our email marketing iPhone app lets you manage your emails and forms from any mobile Apple device.

Monitor campaign results

Our intuitive dashboards show you key performance metrics including opens, clicks and unsubscribes. You can also view your survey answers, e-commerce campaign sales and conversion rates of your forms.

iphone email marketing app - campaign reports

Preview and schedule campaigns

Access your campaign and automation workflow details, preview the content and schedule campaigns all from your mobile device. You can also cancel campaigns in the outbox, enable Google Analytics and more.

iphone email marketing app - schedule campaigns

Manage subscriber activity

Review your subscriber profiles including segments and interest group details. You can add new subscribers to your list (yay!), or unsubscribe, delete or forget them (boo!).

iphone email marketing app - subscriber activity

Track pop-ups and embedded forms

Your signup forms collect new people throughout the day. Now you can check how your forms are performing and see your list of new people who came from each form.
iphone email marketing app - pop up reports

Access your account

View your account settings, switch accounts, contact customer support and log out of an account all from your device. And if you are bored during your commute, you can read all our policies.

iphone email marketing app - account settings
Download your iPhone MailerLite manager app for free

You can find and download the MailerLite Manager app in the Apple Store.

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