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Multivariate testing is here! Test more variables, get more opens and clicks

Migle Navickaite Migle Navickaite
· 6 min read · Email marketing,Updates · Dec 7, 2023
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Our new multivariate testing feature is now live! Improving your email campaign performance just got a whole lot simpler. 🚀 

Go beyond A/B testing to experiment with more variables to see what works. This exciting feature lets you test multiple versions of an email to find the one that drives the most subscriber engagement. 

Multivariate testing helps you pinpoint the exact factors that impact results and rapidly learn your audience’s preferences, so you can create emails that build relationships and grow your business!

Excited to learn more? Then keep reading. 👇 

You only get one chance to send an email. Get it right, and you’ll generate opens, clicks and sales. Get it wrong though and your campaign will land in the inbox like a whisper in a thunderstorm: No one will hear what you’re saying. 

A/B testing removes some of the uncertainty by optimizing a single part of a campaign. Testing subject lines improves opens, while testing content improves clicks. But, you’re left guessing with the part of the message you didn’t test. 

Multivariate testing (also known as A/B/N testing) solves this problem. By optimizing 3 elements out of your subject line, sender name, sending time, and content simultaneously, you can improve engagement throughout your campaign.

For example, you can discover which blend of subject line and content leads to the most clicks. Or you can test subject lines in combination with sending time and sender name to create campaigns that more people open than ever before. 

Our dev team has been busy this year 👩‍💻

Multivariate testing is just one of many exciting new MailerLite features. It comes hot on the heels of our Smart sending tool, which uses AI to analyze past engagement and send emails at the times each subscriber is most likely to engage.

We’ve also recently released an AI subject line generator, Canva integration, an improved WooCommerce plugin, and more. Head to our What’s New page to see all the updates. 

Multivariate testing data has the potential to transform your individual campaign results. But the benefits go far beyond this—your entire marketing strategy will get a boost from the data. 

Here are some of the biggest reasons to start multivariate testing:

  • Higher engagement: Maximize opens or clicks on every campaign. As you learn what interests subscribers, pack your future emails full of this content and test it further

  • Boost sales: More opens and clicks are the first steps to generating conversions. Plus you can test CTAs, buttons, email copy or offers to see what causes people to buy

  • Rapidly learn about your audience: Identify audience preferences backed up by data. Testing multiple factors on each campaign means you’ll learn more in a few sends than in months of A/B testing

  • Improve your entire marketing strategy: Use multivariate test data to boost messaging on all marketing channels. You’ll improve results everywhere when you know what your audience responds to

A graphical representation of a multivariate test
Source: MailerLite

While it might sound scientific and complex, the process for setting up a multivariate test is extremely easy: This means it’s possible for anyone to use the tool to optimize their campaigns. If you’ve ever created an A/B test on our platform, you’ll know what to expect. 

You create the elements to test, and we build emails with combinations of these factors. We send these messages to your audience and measure how each change impacts opens or clicks. Once a winner has been decided, the chosen combination goes out to the remainder of your list. 

Follow these instructions to get started:

  1. Create a new email campaign and choose multivariate testing.

  2. Choose up to 3 variables to test out of subject line, sender’s name, email content, and sending time.

  3. Create different versions of the email using the same user-friendly toolkit you’d use for any other campaign

  4. MailerLite will then automatically generate all possible variations of the email. For example, if you choose to test 3 subject lines and 2 versions of the newsletter content, we’ll generate 6 combinations of the email. 

  5. Choose the size of your test group and determine how a winner be decided, just like in A/B testing. Base the winner on clicks or opens. 

  6. You can now review the campaign and either hit send or schedule the campaign for later. 

We’ll then send the test emails out as per your instructions. Once the tool chooses a winner, it will send the winning combination to the rest of your email list. 

Multivariate testing is live and ready for you to use right now. This feature is available for all users on a MailerLite Growing or Advanced plan. Upgrade today to try it out

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