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Working at MailerLite

Everything we do at MailerLite is designed to help each team member live their best life—both professionally and personally. We give each person the freedom, trust, and responsibility to help us all succeed. When people are happy, they are naturally motivated to do great work.

How do we know that people enjoy working at MailerLite?

We ask the team, anonymously! We want to make sure that our team members' goals and values are aligned so that everyone is happy and fulfilled with their roles and career path. Our hiring process strives for transparency and mutual respect. We explain what we stand for, what are we looking for, and what we offer as a company.

Our thriving remote culture

We hired our first remote employee in 2014. Since then, we’ve been building and nurturing a remote culture that represents our values. Through the growing pains of managing a 100+ person remote team, we’ve found what works best (and we’re still learning).

Our remote-first culture offers the flexibility of being location independent. The freedom to live anywhere in the world is one of the main reasons people join us!

Remote work is very different from the traditional office life, which is why we’ve developed our own approach to day-to-day work, ensuring that everyone feels valued, connected and included.

Our team uses a variety of tools to stay connected including Slack, Notion and 15Five. We communicate asynchronously and encourage uninterrupted time blocks. To ensure you never miss an important meeting, we record them so you can watch them in your own time.

Work environment based on values

Our company values help guide our day-to-day decisions with minimal oversight. We trust our people! There is no micromanagement, and as a result, each person must take full responsibility for their work.

One of our values is that we take responsibility. Everyone has autonomy and that freedom is tied to being a reliable team member—even during the hardest challenges.

Another important aspect of our culture is asynchronous communication, which means that people have up to 24 hours to respond to a message.

Experiencing working together

While we work remotely, we still like to see each other! Workations, Work-Togethers and Staycations are special events that help cultivate team spirit and create strong bonds. In the past, the entire company has met up in Morocco, Panama City, Azores, and  Istanbul for a week full of fun and important activities and workshops. 

Multicultural teams make us stronger

As a global team representing 30+ countries, we embrace our multicultural diversity and value each team member’s individuality. 

Every day offers a chance to meet new colleagues from different cultures with unique work styles and personalities. We have made it a priority to develop an inclusive work environment for everyone, where people feel welcome and valued.

We’ve held online events like virtual food night where people from different countries taught others how to cook their traditional dishes. We had Portuguese, Palestinian, Mexican, Czech, and Lithuanian dishes as well as a special group representing the world’s favorite beverage: coffee. 

We love learning more about our differences. It is what makes us a stronger and dynamic team.

Paid time off policies for our wellbeing

Everyone has 31 working days of paid time off. We encourage you to take at least two weeks of uninterrupted vacation to relax and reenergize.

For parents with kids under 12, we offer one day per month off, while new parents get one month of paternity leave or three months of maternity leave. Also, new parents through childbirth or adoption get 1,000 USD.

You’ll also get 12 sick leave days for when you're not feeling well (physically or mentally) without a doctor’s note. Parents can use these days to take care of their unwell kids (under 12 years).

Everyone also gets a paid creative day each quarter to explore their passions. People can choose what inspires them. Some take cooking classes, visit museums, or go for a hike.

Remote health insurance

We understand that your well-being is important, no matter where you are in the world. That’s why we offer all MailerLite team members international health insurance with comprehensive coverage in most countries. In select countries where coverage is limited, we provide a monthly healthcare payout to ensure that you have the support you need.

Welcome goodies and annual perks

Every new team member receives a welcome kit with goodies and a MacBook. After four years, you get a new computer and donate your used laptop to a non-profit of your choice!

We love our team members and want them to grow with us, which is why we offer annual perks. The longer you stay, the more attractive they get! 

Your annual Joy Budget begins after one year ($1,000 USD) and can be used for anything that brings you joy. On your 5th anniversary, you’ll also receive a $5,000 paid trip of your choice and after 10 years, a $10,000 trip!

That’s a snapshot of what it’s like to work at MailerLite

If you feel that this might be something you’re looking for, please check out our jobs page and let’s talk!