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Account closure: what happens to inactive accounts?

After a year of account inactivity, your MailerLite account and data will be removed from our database. 

Closing inactive accounts and removing user data after 30 days is in compliance with data privacy best practices. Deleting old data is an industry best practice that helps protect both user data and our systems. We notify all inactive accounts by sending an email 30 days before account closure to the addresses associated with the primary contact and owner profile.

No longer need the account?

If you no longer wish to maintain your account, simply avoid signing in, and MailerLite will take care of closing it within 30 days. All data associated with the account will also be deleted after 30 days.

What happens when an account is closed?

The first notification about the closure will be sent 30 days before deletion. A second reminder email will also be sent before we take final action. If you have multiple MailerLite accounts, the ID of the inactive account will be shown in the notification. 

When an account is closed, users will no longer be able to log in. The account and all associated data will be deleted 30 days after closure. This includes campaigns, contact lists, templates, credit card information, API keys, published landing pages or ads, and any other user data. Once deleted, the data is gone forever.

What If I need my account after deletion?

Once an account has been closed and deleted, it cannot be reopened. If you want to use MailerLite after the deletion of this account, you will need to use a different account or sign up for a new MailerLite account.

Received an account closure email by mistake?

If you have recently used MailerLite but still received the account closure email, it is likely about a different, unused account. Compare the account name on your active account to the one mentioned in the email. If you need help determining which account will be closed or require assistance accessing a closed account, please reply to the account closure email to get in touch with our customer support team.

Last time edited: Jan 15, 2024