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Understanding role-based email issues during subscriber import

While trying to import new subscribers, you may notice that some emails fail to be imported into your account. Sometimes this happens because the email is considered "role-based."

Some role-based emails, such as those starting with "admin@", "support@", "billing@" are on a banned list because they are not usually used by genuine subscribers. Such emails rarely sign up to lists voluntarily and are very often used for cold-mailing or spam.

Gmail addresses with five characters or less are also included on the banned list because they are also very likely invalid.

Important: According to the MailerLite Terms of Use and anti-spam policy, it is not permitted to send marketing emails to subscribers who don’t provide explicit consent.

If you have a banned email address that you believe is legitimate, you may upload it via the Add a single subscriber tab.

Last time edited: Jan 17, 2023