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Carrd integration with MailerLite

Carrd allows you to create up to three one-page sites that can be landing pages, forms, or whatever else you desire.

You may connect your Carrd forms to your MailerLite account using this integration to sync your subscribers.


  1. On your Carrd site, click + Add Element.

  2. Select Form and add a new Form element.

  3. Click on Type, select Sign up, and click Via MailerLite.

  4. Enter your MailerLite API key, which you can find on the Developer API page.

  5. Set the ID of the group where you want your subscribers to be added, which you can also find on the Developer API page.

That’s it! Now every subscriber that signs up on your Carrd page will be immediately synced to your MailerLite account.