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💡 This integration is only available on the New MailerLite. Not sure which version of MailerLite you're using? Click here to find out!

With the Figma integration for MailerLite, you can create beautiful graphics in Figma and send them straight to your MailerLite File manager. Then with the click of a button, you can use your designs in your campaigns, landing pages, websites or forms.


  • The integration will automatically compress images bigger than 2MB to a size our system accepts.

How to set up the integration

Once you’ve designed your graphic in Figma, you can export it to MailerLite with the plugin. The first time you send a design to your MailerLite account, you’ll need to authenticate the app in MailerLite via Figma. 

  1. Create your design in Figma.

  2. Open the Resources menu.

  3. Go to the Plugins section, search for MailerLite and open the plugin.

  4. Hit the Login via browser button and follow the steps to authenticate your account.

  5. Choose a MailerLite File manager folder or create a new folder. 

  6. Select the section of the design you’d like to export

  7. Export your design. If your image is larger than 2MB it will be resized automatically.

  8. Success! You’ve exported your design to MailerLite and can now use it in campaigns, sites, landing pages and forms.

Now you can send any of your Figma graphics to MailerLite in a couple of clicks!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I find the MailerLite plugin?
    It is available in the Figma Community.

  • Is the plugin available for all MailerLite and Figma plans?
    Yes, all plans including free accounts.

  • Is there an image size limit?
    Yes, the MailerLite file manager allows you to add images up to 2MB.

  • What will happen if I try to sync an image bigger than the authorized one?
    If your image is larger than 2MB it will be resized automatically.

  • How do I disable this integration?
    Access the plugin page and log out of your account.

  • How do I change my MailerLite account?
    You can access the account selection page by logging out and logging in again via the plugin.

  • Do I need to install the plugin? Or is it something native from MailerLite or Figma?
    You need to add the plugin to your Figma account and select it when exporting your design.