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For more details on how to connect both applications, please have a look at the data sync help article

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An automatic, bi-directional subscribers sync between HubSpot and MailerLite

Sync data between MailerLite and HubSpot without manual data entry or messy, time-consuming imports. 

Here’s what you get with Data Sync by HubSpot:

  • Two-way sync: Data is shared between MailerLite and HubSpot in real time
  • Default field mappings: Set-up is quick with out-of-the-box field mappings already created for you
  • Historical syncing: Your existing data will sync right away, and updates will sync as they happen

Sync MailerLite and HubSpot data

Make manual data entry a thing of the past by syncing subscribers between HubSpot and MailerLite. When records are created or updated in either app, that information will be automatically shared with the other one.

Sync only the data you want

You’re in control of your data. You can set up a one- or two-way sync, which means you can either sync data from only one app to the other or back-and-forth between both apps. You can also add a filter for any MailerLite field (like group or status) or HubSpot list to sync exactly what you want—and nothing you don’t.

Default field mappings

Field mappings connect matching information in each app—and we’ve already created them for you. Our out-of-the-box default field mappings make set-up quick and keep your data clean and organized. Plus, there are no surprises: You can see exactly which fields come already mapped in the “Shared data” section below.

Custom field mappings

Custom field mappings are available with Operations Hub Starter or Professional plans. Custom mappings add the flexibility to create your own mappings or make changes to your default ones.

How to get started:

Follow the instructions below.

  • You must be a HubSpot Super Admin or have HubSpot App Marketplace permissions in your HubSpot account.
  • Get started by navigating to the HubSpot Marketplace listing. In the top right, click Connect app.
  • You will be prompted to enter your MailerLite credentials if you haven’t logged in.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to setup your sync between MailerLite and HubSpot.
  • Select what data you would like to sync, review the sync settings and start syncing.

For more details on how to connect both applications, please have a look at the data sync help article.