GDPR Tools

For more information about GDPR, go ahead and visit our blog. This video is about two tools you can use yourself that can help you with your GDPR compliance.

The first tools is for when a subscriber make a right of portability request and wants to see his or hers data. To do this, go to “Subscribers”. Search for the person making the request. Click the specific subscriber & click export. Choose either a JSON file or Print a PDF file with the needed data.

The second tool we prepared allows you to send a newsletter to your subscribers and ask them again if they like to stay on your list. This can be used if, for some reason, you lost the confirmation proof in which your subscribers gave you permission to use your email adress and data. It could’ve happened if you used another email marketing system in the past. In which case you can revalidate all of your EU subscribers with the help of our GDPR template.

Go to “Campaigns”, click “Create Campaign”. Fill in the subject and click next. Go to “Template Gallery” and scroll down till you see the GDPR template. Edit anything needed and send the newsletter! When your subscribers receive the newsletter and click “Stay On List”, they will be sent to the newly created GDPR group. If you do decide to send this email more than once, make sure you exclude the GDPR group.

Now you can be sure that all of the users in the new GDPR group gave permission to use their data.