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Lead magnet email sequence example

The best way to gather subscribers is to offer them an incentive to sign up for your list (also, an email magnet). If you’re an author, this gift could be a free chapter of your latest book. In the marketing field, subscribers often get excited about content like infographics, guides or eBooks. A lead magnet email sequence using automation delivers your content gift for you, directly after a subscriber joins your list.

Lead magnet email sequence example

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The lead magnet automation workflow is triggered when a new subscriber is joining the group attached to the signup form. You’ll first need to create a signup form dedicated to the content offer. Content offers are usually sent out immediately, without any delays. This way, the reader can immediately enjoy the content they’ve applied for.

How do I build this workflow?

  1. Create a new signup form or pick an existing one that’ll be used for the content offer

  2. Create a new workflow and give it a name, for example: “Content offer”

  3. Select the trigger When subscriber joins a group*

  4. Select the subscriber group

  5. Add the first email with the content offer. In the email, insert either a link that redirects to a landing page with the content offer or add a URL that directly downloads the content. You can host your content online (website, DropBox or Google Drive) and use the URL, but you can’t attach documents directly to the email

  6. After you’ve sent this content email, you can activate the email lead magnet workflow and contact the subscriber again when, for example, sending out your regular newsletter

  7. Alternatively, you can extend the workflow:

    1. Add a delay of a couple of days

    2. Create a new email that asks for feedback on how they liked the content to encourage interaction. You can also offer similar content

  8. Or, option 2:

    1. Add a delay of a couple of days

    2. Send an email that encourages readers to take action (e.g. buy the complete content or signup for a course)

    3. Add a delay of 1 day

    4. Add a condition based on the workflow activity (clicked on a specific link). If a subscriber clicked on the link to make the purchase, you can stop the automation

    5. If there was no click on the link, you can repeat the workflow again after a few days. Add a delay and send another email with a motivational boost to take action

*Note: You could also use the trigger When subscriber completes a form.

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