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Product review email automation

The sale has been made but wouldn’t it be nice to know if your customer had a good experience? Or whether they like the service or product that they’ve bought? Find out with a product review email.

By collecting feedback with a product review email automation, you’ll get valuable insights that’ll help you improve your business. A post-purchase feedback workflow is easily created when using MailerLite. Here’s how!


This automation is triggered by the e-commerce trigger: Purchases a specific product. E-commerce triggers are a feature of the free MailerLite plugins for WooCommerce and Shopify.

If you’re not using WooCommerce or Shopify, don’t fret! You can simply use the workflow trigger: When a subscriber joins a group. That way, when any customers are added to that group, they will trigger the workflow. Once triggered, a delay step will be required (to allow customers enough time to receive and use the product) before you can jump in with your request for a review.

Product review email automation

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How do I build this workflow?

  1. Go to the Automation tab and Create a new workflow

  2. Give your workflow a name, for example: “Post-purchase feedback”

  3. Select the workflow trigger Purchases a specific product*

  4. Click the plus sign and add a Delay step to give people the time to try their purchase

  5.  Now add an Email step, give it an engaging subject line and click Design email.

  6. While designing your email, drag and drop a Survey block into your design. Your survey should include 2 questions: An Open question and an Outro

  7.  Edit your Open question and Outro to ask for and then thank subscribers for their review

  8. Add a Rule to your survey. This rule should add subscribers to a new group** if they answer the Open question (for example, a group called Reviewers).

  9. Click Done editing to save your email

  10.  Next up, add a Delay step to allow subscribers enough time to open/read your email and provide a survey response

  11. Then add a Condition step. Select Group membership as your condition, and select the group you created for reviewers

  12.  Under the Yes path, add an Email step in order to thank readers for their review (and perhaps suggest a related product they might also like)

Now subscribers who provide a response to your survey will be added to the reviewers group and therefore receive a follow up email thanking them for their review.

*If you want to send a generic follow up for any purchases made, select the workflow trigger Purchased any product.

**If you don’t have a premade group ready, simply click Create new group to make a new targeted group on the fly.

Once your workflow is live, you can find your subscribers’ survey responses in your workflow email report under Survey report.

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