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Welcome email series example

Invite new customers with open arms! Welcome emails get some of the highest engagement rates of all your email campaigns. On average, welcome emails have 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rate of a standard email marketing campaign.

When someone signs up for your list, your business is top of mind. Strike while the iron is hot to engage new subscribers. An email marketing welcome series does exactly that. It lets you engage with new subscribers and helps to get to know your audience better. The welcome email series example below shows you how.

Welcome email series example

Welcome subscribers the Lite way

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This automation workflow is triggered when a new subscriber is being added to the subscriber group. You’ll need a signup form to capture new subscribers or an integration to automatically sync data from a CRM, CMS, e-commerce platform or a third-party app.

How do I build this workflow?

  1. Create a new signup form or pick an existing one that’ll be used for the welcome email series

  2. Create a new workflow and give it a name, for example: “Welcome series”

  3. Select the trigger When subscriber joins a group

  4. Select a subscriber group

  5. Add the first email template to welcome new subscribers. Tell them what products or services they can expect from your brand. Drive them to your website or motivate readers to complete an action or next step. Remember that you can always edit or add email content after you’ve created the initial journey

  6. Add a time delay to give subscribers some time to open the first email

  7. Add a second welcome email series template that includes more details about your products and services, or upsell other parts of your business

  8. Add another time delay to give subscribers a few more days to open your second email

  9. Add a condition that creates a rule to check if the second email was opened. Here’s where the workflow will split into 2 paths. You can send subscribers that opened the email on one path and subscribers that didn’t on another path

  10. Add an email for the Yes path. If the second email was opened, you can send a third email with exclusive content to show the value of engaging with your brand

  11. Add an email for the No path. If the second email wasn’t opened, re-send it with a new subject line

  12. Add a time delay on the No path to give subscribers some more time to open the last email

  13. Add another email to the No path. This will be the same exclusive content email that the Yes path received earlier

  14. Double-check if all the steps are complete and activate your workflow on the top right-hand corner

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