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Automation examples

Email courses or training automation example

Want to educate your customers by offering them an email series containing a course or training? Excellent idea! With an automated workflow, you can be the teacher at any given time and date, as your virtual classes will be sent out automatically.

Email courses or training automation example

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This automation workflow is triggered when a new subscriber signs up for your course or training. By doing this via a specific signup form, the subscriber automatically joins a group. After that, the fun begins with a confirmation slash welcome-to-the-course email.

How do I build this workflow?

  1. Create a new signup form or pick an existing one that’ll be used for the course

  2. Create a new workflow and give it a name, for example: “Email course offer”

  3. Select the trigger When subscriber joins a group*

  4. Select a subscriber group

  5. Add the first email to confirm the course participation and welcome new subscribers. Make readers feel excited about the course and let them know what will happen

  6. Add a time delay of one or more days, depending on when you want the first lesson to start

  7. Create a second email containing the first lesson. You can either integrate the course content in its entirety in the email or redirect the reader to a landing page or member area

  8. Add another time delay

  9. Create the rest of the emails with the lessons (the workflow length depends on how long your course or training lasts)

  10. Turn the workflow on

*Note: You could also use the trigger When subscriber completes a form.