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Automation examples

First-purchase feedback email automation

Yay, you made a sale! Apart from sending a transactional order confirmation email, it’s also very effective to follow-up with new customers after they’ve made their first purchase. Ask them whether they enjoyed your service or product, and if there’s anything that could be improved.

First-purchase feedback email automation

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A first-purchase feedback email is triggered when an order is completed. It can only be sent to customers that are also available in your MailerLite subscriber list. To collect more newsletter subscribers, you can ask people during the checkout process whether they want to receive your email campaigns.

How do I build this workflow?

  1. Go to the Automation tab and Create a new workflow

  2. Give your workflow a name, for example: “First-purchase feedback”

  3. Select the trigger Updated field 

  4. Choose the custom field that is updated when a customer completed their first purchase. For example, the custom field could be: “Shopify order count” “is equal” “1”. This rule depends on the information you’ve imported or synced from your e-commerce system

  5. Click the plus sign and add a delay of some days/weeks to give people the time to try their purchase

  6. Click the plus again and create a new email. You can use one of the prebuilt templates from the gallery to quickly create your feedback email

  7. Turn the workflow on